Gardez (Afghanistan)

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Gardez (Afghanistan)
Coordinates 33 ° 36 '  N , 69 ° 14'  E Coordinates: 33 ° 36 '  N , 69 ° 14'  E
Basic data
Country Afghanistan


height 2300 m
Residents 70,000
The historic fort in Gardez
The historic fort in Gardez

Gardez ( Persian گردیز, Pashtun ګردېز) is the capital of the Paktia province in eastern Afghanistan and had around 70,000 inhabitants in 2008. The place is of strategic military importance as it can be reached from Pakistan via the Peiwar Pass and from Kabul via Khost via the Khost-Gardez Pass . Kabul is 60 km away and on the road to Kabul there is a junction to Ghazni .

Furthermore, not far from the city is the region of Tora Bora , where the Battle of Tora Bora took place. Gardez is about 2300 m above sea level and the river Rūd-e Gardēz ( Gardēz River ) flows through the village .

The city is populated by Tajiks and Pashtuns .

The Federal Republic of Germany started a development project in Gardez in 1965 with a volume of 2.5 million DM, which was ended when the communist government took over power in 1979. As part of this project, the road to Kabul was paved and three schools for boys, one school for girls, a hospital, a training center for teachers, two hotels and a mosque were built. Most of the buildings were destroyed in the civil war in the 1980s.

After the fall of the Taliban , a provincial government was set up in March 2003, introduced by the US Army. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) introduced electrical supplies, medical supplies, school facilities, and water supplies to the city and region.

Gardez Airport is in the north of the city.

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