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Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon (* 1966 in Glasgow ) is a British gray hat hacker , also known by the alias Solo. He was accused by the United States of having committed "the greatest attack on military computers". McKinnon's motivation was his interest in suppressed information about UFOs, which he became aware of in 2001 after the Disclosure Project . Subsequently, in the years 2000–2002 he researched numerous computer networks of the US military and NASA for evidence. He is therefore often referred to in the media as a UFO hacker . In 2012, with a decision by Interior Secretary Theresa May , the extradition request by the US judiciary was finally rejected.


The system administrator is charged with infiltrating 97 computers owned by the US armed forces and NASA in 2001 and 2002 . The computer network comprised Army , Air Force and Navy computers from the US Department of Defense and NASA.

Disclosure Project - May 9, 2001 Witnesses from military and civilian organizations appeared at the National Press Club in Washington and shared their experiences regarding UFOs and secrecy with the aim of disclosing UFO secrecy.

McKinnon claims to have searched for computers without a password (blank password) using a self-written Perl script and then installed the remote maintenance software pcAnywhere on the computers. McKinnon has already confessed to the fact and claims that he only broke into the computer to obtain information about UFOs and extraterrestrial technology, and he allegedly struck gold.

The US prosecutor accuses Gary McKinnon of having caused damage of up to USD 900,000 through his activities in the computer networks and wants to bring him to court in the USA. If convicted in the United States , he will face a sentence of up to 70 years in prison and a US $ 1.75 million fine.

After his appeal against extradition to the United States was rejected in London on April 3, 2007, he was threatened with trial in the United States. The case went to the European Court of Human Rights in August 2008 , one of the last chances not to be extradited to the US. However, this application was also rejected on August 28, 2008. Ultimately, he lost a trial in the High Court on July 31, 2009 and was about to be extradited. In 2009 he got support from prominent musicians like Sting and others. For example, David Gilmour , guitarist for Pink Floyd , re-recorded the rock classic Chicago by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young with the consent of composer Graham Nash and with the participation of Chrissie Hynde , Bob Geldof and Gary McKinnon, in order to prevent extradition to the USA to protest and support it with a simultaneous appeal for donations.

Autism expert Simon Baron-Cohen announced in January 2009 that he had diagnosed McKinnon with Asperger's Syndrome . His colleagues Thomas Bernie, Jeremy Turk and Declan Murphy shared this view and warned that extradition would put McKinnon at risk of suicide .

At the end of 2010, in the wake of the publication of cables from US embassies by Wikileaks, it became public that former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Gordon Brown had campaigned for Gary McKinnon.

In early 2012, the Supreme Civil Court raised concerns about the length of the extradition process, which is now ten years.

In March 2012, the US-UK extradition agreement was criticized again and in June, David Burrowes MP called on Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to end the extradition case against Gary McKinnon.

In October 2012, the US judiciary's extradition request was finally dismissed by Interior Secretary Theresa May .



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