Gebhard Werner von der Schulenburg

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Count Gebhard Werner with his wife Sophie Charlotte

Gebhard Werner Graf von der Schulenburg-Wolfsburg (born December 20, 1722 at Wolfsburg Castle ; †  August 23, 1788 ibid) was court marshal at the Prussian court under Frederick the Great at the age of 28 and held the position until his death in 1786. He founded the Wolfsburg branch of the Beetzendorfer branch of the von der Schulenburg family .


Gebhard Werner was born as the fourth of 15 children of Adolph Friedrich Graf von der Schulenburg (1685–1741) and Anna Adelheit Catharina von Bartensleben (1699–1756). When his mother became the sole heir of the Bartensleben estates including Wolfsburg Castle in 1742, his son Gebhard Werner was the first offspring of the Wolfsburg line of those from the Schulenburg. At the age of 21 he went to the University of Helmstedt in 1743 and later to Leipzig , where he was accepted into the Freemason Lodge Minerva to the three palms . In 1746 he became a Prussian Legation Councilor and in 1750, at the age of 28, he was Court Marshal under Frederick the Great . This career was based on a special relationship of trust. Her fathers Friedrich Wilhelm I of Prussia and Adolph Friedrich von der Schulenburg already had a trusting relationship with one another.

During his tenure, Gebhard Werner carried out highly political missions as a diplomat on behalf of his king. For several years he was the Prussian envoy in Stuttgart at the court of Duke Carl II. Eugene of Württemberg . Because of his diplomatic services, he was appointed "Real Secret Minister of State and War" in 1776. This was the highest civil servant position in the Prussian state. The position was more representative, as it was a ministerial post without a portfolio . Count Gebhard Werner spent the last years of his life at Wolfsburg Castle . He was buried in 1788 in the family crypt of those from the Schulenburg in the patronage church of St. Mary near the castle in what is now Alt-Wolfsburg . His main heir was his eldest son Carl Friedrich Gebhard von der Schulenburg , his son-in-law was Johann Georg Friedrich von Friesen .


Schulenburg's correspondence with Frederick the Great in 1766/67 is in the contributions to the history of Württemberg published by Robert von Mohl with explanations . A collection of previously unpublished sources. Volume 1: Participation of Frederick the Great in the disputes between Duke Karl von Württemberg and the estates of the country. A collection of unprinted letters from the king and other documents (Osiander, Tübingen 1831), pp. 123–206 and 250–254. Around 275 letters to and copies of letters from Gebhard Werner von der Schulenburg, including 58 letters from Frederick the Great, mostly from the period from December 1772 to December 1780, were sold in antiquarian bookshops in 2005.

Otto Werner Förster (ed.): Register of the Masonic Lodge "Minerva to the three palms". 1741-1932. Taurus-Verlag, Leipzig 2004, ISBN 3-9807753-2-1 .

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