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George Wyatt Proctor (born on 8. December 1946 in Lampasas , Texas , died on 3. August 2008 in Arlington , Texas) was an American writer and journalist, best known as a science fiction -author Geo. W. Proctor .


Proctor grew up on a Texas horse ranch. His father, Willard Proctor, was a racehorse trainer and often out and about. Proctor attended school in Gilmer and then studied journalism at Texas Tech University , where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in 1969. In the same year he married his wife Lana, with whom he published the SF fanzine Citadel in 1971/1972 .

After graduating, Proctor worked as a police and court reporter for The Dallas Morning News for five years before he decided to work as a freelance writer. A first SF short story Gift Hearse was published in 1973 in the US branch of Perry Rhodan . This was followed in 1974 by The Coming of Cormac , a soft porn fantasy novel, and The Flesh Hunters , also soft porn. Proctor's first actual SF novel was The Esper Transfer , published in 1978 , in which the protagonist is a telepath confronted with various dangers . Here, as in other books by Proctor, telepathy and communication are central themes, as is the case in the following novel Shadowman (1980), which was also published in German as Der Schattenmann . Together with Andrew J. Offutt , he wrote two erotic SF novels of the Spaceways series under the pseudonym John Cleve and the fantasy series Swords of Raemllyn with Robert E. Vardeman . He also wrote two tie-ins for the TV series V - The Extraterrestrial Visitors Are Coming . In 1976 he edited the anthology Lone Star Universe - Speculative Fiction from Texas with Steven Utley .

In addition to science fiction, Proctor wrote a number of western novels , mostly under the pseudonym Zach Wyatt, including the series The Texians . He was twice for the Spur Award of Western Writers of America nominated in 1993 for Before Honor and 1996 for Blood of My Blood .

In addition, Proctor also worked as an illustrator and cover artist, so the cover of Heavy Metal in November 1977 came from him.

During his last 12 years, Proctor was a lecturer in advertising, communications and journalism at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). Proctor died unexpectedly at the age of 61 shortly after returning from a vacation in Florida . In honor of his memory, a scholarship for students of communication sciences at the UTA was donated.


The series are arranged according to the year of publication of the first part.


(with Andrew J. Offutt, as John Cleve)

  • 7 The Manhuntress (1982)
  • 10 The Yoke of Shen (1983)
The Texians

(as Zach Wyatt)

  • The Texians (1984)
  • The Horse Marines (1984)
  • War Devils (1984)
  • Blood Moon (1985)
  • Death's Shadow (1985)
  • Comanche Ambush (1985)
Swords of Raemllyn

(with Robert E. Vardeman)

  • 1 To Demons Bound (1985)
  • 2 A Yoke of Magic (1985)
  • 3 Blood Fountain (1985)
  • 4 Death's Acolyte (1986)
  • 5 The Beasts of the Mist (1986)
  • 6 For Crown and Kingdom (1987)
  • 7 Blade of the Conqueror (1995)
  • 8 The Tombs of A'bre (1995)
  • 9 The Jewels of Life (1995)
  • Swords of Raemllyn: Book 1 (1992, anthology 1-3)
  • Swords of Raemllyn: Book 2 (1992, anthology)
  • Swords of Raemllyn: Book 3 (1995, anthology)

( Tie-ins to TV series V - The extraterrestrial visitors are coming )

  • 4 The Chicago Conversion (1985)
  • 11 The Texas Run (1985)
Single novels
  • The Coming of Cormac (1974, as Caer Ged)
  • The Flesh Hunters (1974, as Lee Wyatt)
  • The Esper Transfer (1978)
  • Shadowman (1980)
  • Fire at the Center (1981)
  • Enemies (1983)
  • Starwings (1984)
  • Ride for Vengeance (1989)
  • Stellar Fist (1989)
  • Walks without a Soul (1990)
  • Comes the Hunter (1992)
Short stories
  • Gift Hearse (1973)
  • Paper Work (1973)
  • The Migration (1976)
  • The Smile of Oisia (1977)
  • A Kingdom Won (1978)
  • Death's Sweet Promise (1979)
  • The Night of the Piasa (1979, with JC Green)
  • The Good Is Oft Interred (1981)
  • The Gift of Life, the Debt of Death (1982)


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