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Georgi Delchev

Georgi Nikolow Deltschew called Goze Deltschew ( Bulgarian Георги Николов Делчев, or Гоце Делчев, until 1945 Гоце Дѣлчевъ); * January 23rd jul. / February 4,  1872 greg. in Kukuš (today Kilkis); † 4. May 1903 in Banitza (now Karie) was a revolutionary and is considered a leading figure in the BMARK ( Bulgarian Macedonian-Adrian Opeler Revolutionary Committees / Български Македоно-Одрински революционни комитети , later Organization Internal Macedonian Revolutionary renamed). In his honor, the Bulgarian city of Newrokop was renamed Goze Deltschew . He is also the namesake for the Delchev Peak and indirectly for the Delchev Ridge in the Antarctic.


Goze Deltschew was the son of Nikola Deltschew and Sultana Nurdschiewa Deltschewa . He attended the Bulgarian Men's High School St. Cyril and Method in Thessaloniki. After leaving it, he went to the military academy in Sofia in 1891 , from which, however, he was dishonorably dismissed a little later for "socialist activities" in monarchist Bulgaria . In 1894 he went to Štip as a teacher of the Bulgarian language , where he met Dame Gruew , who brought Deltschew into contact with the BMARK for the first time. In 1895 Deltschew became its chairman. Under his leadership, the organization was expanded, particularly in the areas of Eastern and Western Thrace . He visited the last areas between March and April 1900. During this time he set up an explosives factory in the back yard of the Minkow restaurant in the port city of Burgas and selected Mikhail Gerdschikow as the leader of the organization in this area.

In 1903 Deltschew strongly supported the preparations for the Ilinden-Preobraschenie uprising , which he himself did not see any more. Delchev was killed on May 4, 1903 during an altercation with the Ottoman police. 43 years after his burial, his body was exhumed in 1946, transferred to Macedonia and buried in a sarcophagus in Skopje .

Deltschew is now considered one of the national heroes in Bulgaria and North Macedonia . He is mentioned among other things in the Macedonian national anthem . Both nations see in Deltchev a "national hero". Deltchew himself fought and died for the liberation of Macedonia from the Ottomans . One of his most famous quotes:

"I understand the world as a field for a competition of cultures."

His companion and close friend Pejo Jaworow wrote the first biography of Deltschew in 1904. The (North) Macedonian cultural association in Russe bears his name.


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