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Dagobert von Gerhardt (born July 12, 1831 in Liegnitz ; † February 24, 1910 in Potsdam ) was a Prussian general staff officer who became known as a writer under the pseudonym Gerhard (von) Amyntor .

Dagobert von Gerhardt


Dagobert von Gerhardt graduated from high school in Glogau before joining the Prussian Army in Breslau in 1849 and becoming an officer in 1850. In 1864 he was seriously wounded in the German-Danish War at the Düppeler Schanzen . In 1867/68 he was a member of Moltke's General Staff in Berlin and took part in the campaign against France in 1870/71 . He retired with the rank of major z. D. from the army.

From 1874 he lived in Potsdam and turned to literature. For the celebrations of his former regiment, the infantry regiment "Prince Friedrich of the Netherlands" (2nd Westphalian) No. 15 , on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the appointment of Prince Friedrich of the Netherlands as his boss in 1876, he sent Poem dedicated by him to the jubilee.

In 1865 he married Gertrud von Natzmer (* 1843), a daughter of the Prussian Lieutenant General Adolf von Natzmer .


  • Hypochondriacal chats. (1875), digitized
  • Peter Quidams Rhine trip. (1877)
  • Songs of a German night watchman. (1878)
  • The new Romanzero. (1881)
  • A Modern Evening Party (1881)
  • For and about German women. New hypochondriac chats. (1883)
  • The C sharp minor sonata. (1891)
  • The sketchbook of my life. (1893–1909) - 3 volumes
  • A person's glossary. (1906)

Aphorisms (examples)

From A Human's Glossary :

  • "If you want to remain amiable into old age, keep the childlike nature of your heart."
  • "Overcome yourself and you will overcome a world."


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