Gerhard Meier (Superintendent)

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Dr. Gerhardus Meierus, engraving by Martin Bernigeroth (1714)

Gerhard Meier (also: Meyer ; born August 26, 1664 in Hamburg ; † February 25, 1723 in Bremen ) was a German educator , church councilor and superintendent in Quedlinburg , as well as Bremen and Verden.


Meier was the son of a Hamburg merchant. He attended the academic high school in Hamburg. From a young age he was interested in the oriental languages, especially Hebrew . He studied at the University of Leipzig and the University of Wittenberg . In Wittenberg he acquired the academic degree of a master's degree in philosophy on October 15, 1685, became an adjunct at the philosophical faculty on October 3, 1687, and received a degree in theology on April 27, 1692. He then became a high school professor of logic and metaphysics at the Academic High School in Hamburg .

After he had obtained his doctorate in theology on October 6, 1698, he was appointed superintendent in Quedlinburg in 1699, where he was suspended again in 1700 after disputes. From 1701 (or 1702) to 1723 Meier was superintendent at the Bremen Cathedral , succeeding Jacob Hieronymus Lochner. At the same time he was consistorial councilor in the then Swedish ruled Duchy of Bremen and Verden . He was succeeded in the position as superintendent Christoph Bernhard Crusen. Meier is said to have been a very educated and respected, but also contentious scholar and churchman.


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