Society for Gestalt Theory and Its Applications

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Society for Gestalt Theory
and Its Applications eV
purpose Association for the further development of Gestalt theory in research and application
Chair: Hellmuth Metz-Göckel
Establishment date: 1978
Number of members: approx. 200
Seat : Dortmund

The Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications eV also Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications ( GTA ) is an international scientific association for the further development of the gestalt theoretical approach in research and application. It was founded in Germany in 1978 in order to give gestalt theory - the most prominent representatives of which had been expelled from Germany during the Nazi era - an organized framework for international cooperation and academic exchange.

The GTA now networks members from research and application practice in numerous scientific disciplines in many countries around the world. The historically most important centers of the application of gestalt theory - the German-speaking area, Italy, Japan and the USA - naturally have the greatest weight even today. In addition to the classic areas of perception research , behavioral sciences and applied psychology , learning research , clinical psychology and psychotherapy , art theory , design , musicology , the application of gestalt theory in artificial intelligence , but also in economics and various other subjects are thematic Scientific disciplines are the subject of exchange between members of society and their wider environment.

The international scientific working conferences of the GTA, which take place every two years, as well as additional specialist symposia on specific topics or areas of application in between, also serve this exchange. These international conferences and symposia have taken place at universities in Germany, Finland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Poland and Austria since 1979.

Since 1979 GTA has published the international multidisciplinary journal Gestalt Theory in two languages ​​(in English / German) , which has been run as an open access journal since 2012 and has been published by Walter de Gruyter since 2017 .

Also every two years, the GTA awards the international Wolfgang Metzger Prize / Wolfgang Metzger Award for outstanding achievements in the application and further development of the Gestalt theory. The previous winners were: Gaetano Kanizsa and Riccardo Luccio (Italy, 1987), Gunnar Johansson (Sweden, 1989), Giovanni Bruno Vicario (Italy, 1999) and Yoshie Kiritani (Japan, 1999), Peter Ulric Tse (USA, 2002), Fredrik Sundqvist (Sweden, 2005), Cees van Leeuwen (Netherlands / Japan, 2007), Baingio Pinna (Italy, 2009), Tom Steinert (Germany, 2011) and Johan Wagemans (Belgium, 2011), Jan Koenderink (Netherlands, 2015) , Karen Brüning (Germany, 2017), Dirk Paul Bogner (Germany, 2019) and Michael Stadler (Austria, 2019).

Honorary membership of the GTA was accepted by the following personalities: Anna Arfelli Galli (2013), Rudolf Arnheim (1984), Walter Asmus (1979), Giuseppe Galli (2007), Kurt Gottschaldt (1991), Kurt Guss (2019), Gaetano Kanizsa ( 1981), Jürgen Kriz (2015), Gisela Kubon-Gilke (2017), Abraham S. Luchins (1993), Edith H. Luchins (1998), Wera Mahler (1990), Wolfgang Metzger (Honorary Chairman, 1978), Edwin Rausch ( 1978), Manès Sperber (1978), Hans-Jürgen P. Walter (Honorary Chairman, 1999), Michael Wertheimer (2007), Mario Zanforlin (2007).

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