Gian Luigi Frollo

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Gian Luigi Frollo (* 8. June 1832 in Venice ; † 19th April 1899 in Bucharest ) was an Italian-Romanian linguist , Italianist, Rumänist and lexicographer.

life and work

Gian Luigi (also: Giovanni Luigi , mostly: GL ) Frollo studied law in Padua (graduated in 1856). He went to Brăila as a private tutor and was also a grammar school teacher for Italian there in 1863 ( Arturo Graf was one of his students ). In 1869 he moved to the Matei Basarab grammar school in Bucharest. There he acquired a circle of admirers and supporters, which included: Titu Maiorescu , Aron Densușianu and Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu . Against the French, which was dominant in Bucharest, he advocated Italian and succeeded in converting the chair for French into a chair for Romance philology and literatures after the death of Ulysse de Marsillac in 1877, which he filled in 1878. His introductory lecture dealt with the benefits of Romance philology for Romania.

Frollo published a widely used Italian-Romanian dictionary with 42,000 entries (plus 3000 proper names), which was preceded by the first grammar of Romanian in Italian, and made a contribution to the spelling of Romanian .


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  • L imba română sį dialectele italiane. Schitą̆ filologică , Brăila 1869 (28 pages)
  • Vocabolario italiano-romanesco, francese-romanesco e romanesco-italiano-francese con tre trattati grammaticali e con l'aggiunta dei principali nomi propri (only first part published; second part in the manuscript up to letter I)
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  • O nouă incercare de solutiune a problemului ortograficu. Studiu filologico-criticu , Bucharest 1875


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