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The peasants ' rest , fresco in the guest house of Villa Valmarana , 1757

Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo (also Giandomenico Tiepolo , * thirtieth August 1727 in Venice , † 3. March 1804 in Venice) was an Italian painter of the Baroque .


Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo was the eldest son of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo . Like his younger brother Lorenzo, he was a student, assistant and engraver in his father's workshop. Later he became an increasingly equal employee, but remained an imitator of his famous father for a long time until he made his debut as an independent painter in 1747 in the Oratory of San Polo with 14 canvases for the Stations of the Cross . These small-format representations are of historical interest because at the time they were made, Christ's Way to the Cross was elevated to a special form of devotion in Rome, and because Domenico's cycle was the first of its kind in Venice. There are other independent works in the Kaisersaal and in the staircase of the Würzburg Residence , where he helped his father from 1750 to 1753.

With the scenes from rural life in the guest house of the Villa Valmarana ai Nani near Vicenza , Domenico Tiepolo finally developed his own style. The artist also used his actual talent for depicting everyday reality to decorate his family's villa in Zianigo , part of the municipality of Mirano . There he created fascinating decorations on genre themes that are now in the Museo Correr , for example the painting Pulcinella and Saltimbanchi .

After the death of his father in Madrid, Domenico Tiepolo returned to Venice at the end of 1770. In the 30 years that remained to him, he mainly created secular and religious images. Although he continued his father's style, he gave it a different quality, for example in the image of Abraham and the three angels . The genre and landscape details and the peasant Abraham are elements not found in Giambattista's religious works.

Tiepolo's work also includes numerous etchings . Towards the end of the century, drawing gained a new, pictorial independence with him. In addition to working on religious topics, he increasingly turned to depictions from the salons and the leisure activities of Venetian society. The highlight is the famous series in which he transferred the everyday life of his time to the world of Pulcinella , the devious servant figure of the Commedia dell'arte .

Works (selection)

  • 6 frescoes on the history of the Porto family in Vicenza , around 1757; Frescoes in grisaille on a gold background, drawn up on Ln. Rau Collection , Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck, Remagen.
  • Stoning of Stephen , 1754; originally in the baroque monastery church of Münsterschwarzach, today the Würzburg residence.

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