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Giulio da Milano or Giuseppe della Rovere (* 1504 in Milan , Duchy of Milan ; † 1581 in Tirano , Valtellina ) was an Italian Augustinian monk , Catholic theologian and teacher who preached evangelically, was excommunicated, was able to flee and a Reformed pastor in Vicosoprano (1546) , Poschiavo (1547) and Tirano (1560), which at that time all belonged to Graubünden .


Giuseppe Della Rovere was born into the wealthy Milanese family of Stefano Della Rovere and Catherine Tribute. Around 1522 he entered the Augustinian order, changed his name to Joseph Julius and studied in Padua , where he graduated in theology in 1531. Then he worked in the monastery of San Giacomo Maggiore in Bologna , where he was further qualified by Ambrogio Cavalli to teach philosophy and theology. Here he also met Ortensio Lando , who made Erasmus of Rotterdam and his teaching understandable to him. In Bologna there was also a group of intellectuals around Camillo Renato who wanted to free Christianity from false superstitious rituals and to reform the Catholic Church.

From 1533 to 1535 he came to the Augustinian monastery of Santa Mustiola in Pavia , where he met Agostino Mainardi , who was already secretly adhering to the evangelical teachings. In 1538 he was dean of the school in the monastery of San Giacomo, and his fasting sermons were unorthodox and sparked a scandal. An investigation followed and he was evicted from the city, but he was able to hide in the house of his friend the doctor Prospero Calani. However, he was rehabilitated and came to the Milanese convent of San Marco, led by Ambrogio Cavalli. In 1540 both came into contradiction to the order of Gerolamo Seripando because they taught the hermits new teachings, and then left the monastery.

The Bishop of Trieste , Pietro Bonomo , invited da Milano to preach in the city and new controversies began there too. In 1541 he was in Venice and delivered a sermon on April 19 in the Church of San Cassiano. He openly advocated the Lutheran doctrine of justification by faith alone and was immediately arrested. He was publicly defended by Bernardino Ochino , and the humanist Cardinal Pietro Bembo and some Venetian nobles interceded for him. In February 1543 he escaped from prison and fled to Valtellina. He became a Protestant pastor in Vicosoprano in 1546, in Poschiavo in 1547 and in Tirano in 1560. There he lived with his wife Felicia and their son Teodore.


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