Glera (grape variety)

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Synonyms Prosecco - for more see the Synonyms section
Art Grape vine ( Vitis vinifera subsp. Vinifera )
Berry color White
origin Italy
VIVC no. 9741

Cross of
Vulpea ×?

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Glera is a grape variety that grows mainly in northeast Italy in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region , especially in Trieste. It is mainly used to press a sparkling wine ( Italian : " Frizzante ") as well as sparkling wines (Italian: Spumante ) and still wines , for example Serprina, Serprino , Grappolo, Spargolo, Ghera or Sciprina.

“Glera” is the new name for the “Prosecco” variety. According to the decree of the Italian Minister of Agriculture of July 17, 2009, since January 1, 2010, Prosecco is no longer the name of a grape variety, but that of a designation of origin . This regulation was confirmed by the EC Regulation No. 1166/2009 of November 30, 2009

Ampelographic varietal characteristics

Leaf from Gera
  • The shoot tip is open. It is woolly hairy and slightly reddish in color. The young leaves are slightly woolly hairy and yellowish in color.
  • The medium-sized to large leaves are five-lobed and deeply indented (see also the article leaf shape ). The stalk bay is closed like a lyre. The sheet is serrated to a point. The teeth are medium-sized compared to the grape varieties.
  • The cylindrical to conical grape is large, winged on one or two sides and has dense berries. The round berries are medium-sized and golden-yellow in color.

The vigorous Glera ripens about 45 days after the Gutedel and is one of the grape varieties of the middle fourth ripening period that ripen very late. It tends to trickle down and small berries and thus to limited yields. The grape variety is sensitive to drought.


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