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Goffredus de Trano (* around 1200 in Trani ; † April 11, 1245 in Lyon , also Godefridus de Trano , Gaufridus de Trano , Goffredus Tranensis , Gottfried von Trani , Italian Goffredo da Trani ) was an Italian lawyer and cardinal of the Roman Church .

Live and act

Goffredus studied with Azo in Bologna . He worked as a law teacher in Naples and Bologna and became an auditor in 1240 , d. H. Judge appointed to the Curia in Rome . Pope Innocent IV appointed him cardinal deacon of Sant'Adriano on May 28, 1244 ; as such, he signed papal deeds from January 23 to April 3, 1245.

His main work is the Summa super rubricis decretalium , which is also known as Summa titulorum decretalium or Summa super titulis decretalium . It was created between the end of 1241 and the middle of 1243. It is a textbook for that of Gregory IX. commissioned collection of decretals , commonly known as Liber Extra .

Goffredus' textbook is characterized by its clear and understandable language, its orientation towards practical questions of the clergy and its clear solutions to controversial questions. Because of this, it became widespread and gained great influence, particularly among members of the Roman Curia.


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  • Summa super rubricis decretalium. Manuscript, 14th century ( digitized )
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