Tomb of Theron

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Tomb of Theron
Location of Theron's tomb (No. 5) in Akragas

The so-called Tomb of Theron ( Italian Tomba di Terone ) is a Hellenistic tomb in Agrigento in Sicily , the ancient Akragas . The grave, which has been standing upright since ancient times, is located outside the ancient city area in the necropolis in front of the southern city wall.

Name and date

According to local tradition, the building is known as the grave of the tyrant Theron († 473/2 BC). However, for typological and stylistic reasons, the tomb can be dated to the Hellenistic period and was probably used as a heroon (memorial building) in the 3rd century BC. BC Roman city ​​of Akragas was built.


Theron's grave in a 19th century photo

It is a building with a square base and a house-shaped superstructure ( naiskos ). The smooth plinth (height 3.91 m; 4.81 m length) with a foot profile is closed at the top by a cornice. At the corners of the superstructure (height 3.73 m) there are Ionic columns with Attic bases . In between, false doors are indicated on all sides . The corner columns of the building, which tapers slightly towards the top, have a Doric entablature with a smooth architrave and a metope triglyph frieze . On the superstructure was a now lost, probably pyramid-shaped attachment.

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Individual evidence

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