Greifswald-Stralsund yearbook

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Greifswald-Stralsund yearbook

description German science magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Pomeranian regional history
language German
publishing company Petermänken, Schwerin
Hinstorff , Rostock
Böhlau Verlag , Weimar (GDR)
First edition 1961
Frequency of publication initially annually
editor Kulturhistorisches Museum Stralsund
City Archives Stralsund
State Archives Greifswald
Museum of the City of Greifswald
City Archives Greifswald
ISSN (print)

The Greifswald-Stralsunder yearbook was a scientific publication series on the history of Pomerania , which was published between 1961 and 1982 in the GDR . The main subject areas were general regional and local history, source and literary studies as well as the intellectual and cultural history of Western Pomerania .


After the archives, libraries and museums in Western Pomerania had largely mastered the effects of the Second World War in the 1950s , the scope of research on the basis of historical sources increased again. Especially after the 500th anniversary of the University of Greifswald , for which some historical studies were published, and with a view to the publication of the first post-war volume of the Baltic Studies in West Germany in 1955 , considerations were made in Western Pomerania, including a yearbook on Pomeranian history in the GDR to surrender.

Since the term “ Pomerania ” could no longer be used officially on the orders of the SMAD since 1947 and due to the policy of the GDR government, which had abolished the states in 1952 , the establishment of a regional history association as a sponsor was viewed as unrealistic from the outset. The archives and museums in Stralsund and Greifswald as well as the historical, art historical and geographic institutes of the University of Greifswald should therefore be the editors . A political cleansing that took place at the university in 1958 prevented the university institutes from participating. The Stralsund Museum of Cultural History , the Stralsund City Archives , the Greifswald State Archives , the Greifswald City Museum and the Greifswald City Archives acted as editors .

In 1961 the first volume was published by Petermänken Verlag in Schwerin . After the private publishing house was dissolved, the state assigned the publishing work to the then state-owned Hinstorff Verlag in Rostock , where volumes 5 to 7 were published. From 1968/69 onwards, the Hermann Böhlau Nachf. Publishing house in Weimar took care of the yearbook.

The aim of the editors was to publish a series of scientific papers without ideological determination and with a largely non-political character. However, adequate consideration of the history of the GDR and the history of the labor movement was seen as a prerequisite for the printing permit. The manuscripts had to be submitted to an approval body. When in 1971 volumes 8 and 9 were subjected to massive political and ideological criticism by the Greifswald SED district leadership , an editorial advisory board was set up as a result. The aim of this was to significantly increase the number of essays on recent history and to enforce greater consideration of the historical view of Marxism . The project thus got into a crisis because, on the one hand, the desired fonts were not available in sufficient quantities and, on the other hand, the publisher feared declines in sales in West Germany and thus lower foreign exchange income . Finally, the publication was stopped in 1982 with volume 13/14.


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