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Grimoald (also: Grimwald or Grimowald ) is a male Germanic given name.

Origin and meaning

There are two possible etymologies for the first part of the name ( grim ) : it can mean "grim" (e.g. Old High German , Old Low German , Old Frisian grim "cruel") or it can be related to a Germanic word for "helmet, mask" (e.g. B. Old Norse gríma , Old Low German, Old English grîma "helmet, mask"). The second part of the name ( forest ) means "rule, ruler" and is related to Old High German waltan, waldan , old Low German waldan , old English wealdan "rule".

People named grimoald

Grimoald is the name of the following historical persons:

Franconian dukes

  • Grimoald the Elder (executed around 615-656 or 657), son of Pippin the Elder, Franconian caretaker in Australia since 639
  • Grimoald the Younger of Franconia (murdered around 676 or 688 - 714), son of Pippin the Middle, house manager in Neustria and Burgundy, father of Theodebald of Franconia

Dukes of Benevento:

  • Grimoald I. (* around 600, † 671 or 672), 647 or 651–662 Duke of Benevento and 661 or 662–671 King of the Longobards, presumably married to Uta (also: Ita of Bavaria ), daughter of Theodo I of Bavaria
    • Grimoald II , 687–689 Duke of Benevento
      • Grimoald III. , 787–806 Duke of Benevento, son of Arichis II of Benevento, his father's hostage to Charlemagne

Dukes of Bavaria, Agilolfinger:

  • Grimoald I (?), Son of Garibald I , 590–595 Duke in Bavaria
  • Grimoald II († 728, murdered), son of Duke Theodo II , grandson of Agilolf of Bavaria; Great-grandson of Duke Garibald II .; 702–723 Duke in Bavaria (Freising); Conflicts with St. Korbinian of Freising

Holy Grimoald:

  • Grimoald († around 700), deacon and martyr in Saintes (municipality of Tubize ) in Brabant, together with Gondolf and Reineldis , memorial day: July 16
  • Grimoald († beginning of the 12th century), priest in Pontecorvo in the Kingdom of Naples, memorial day: September 12th
such as:


  • The name Grimaldi is derived from Grimaldo ( Grimwald ) , see Grimaldi .

The name Grimbald does not have -wald , but -bald ("kühn, courageous") as the second part of the name.

  • St. Grimbald of St. Omer / Flanders († 901/03), Benedictine monk and prior of St. Bertin Monastery, co-founder of Oxford University and Newminister Monastery.


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