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Gronach in the lower section of the valley known as the Gronach Gorge, not far from its mouth

Gronach in the lower section of the valley known as the Gronach Gorge, not far from its mouth

Water code DE : 238818
location Baden-Württemberg
River system Rhine
Drain over Jagst  → Neckar  → Rhine  → North Sea
source on the edge of the northern part of the Frankenhohe on the eastern edge of Satteldorf- Horsch Hausen
49 ° 10 '46 "  N , 10 ° 9' 40"  O
Source height approx.  469  m above sea level NHN
muzzle about 1.6 km west of Satteldorf-Neidenfels Coordinates: 49 ° 10 '46 "  N , 10 ° 2' 25"  E 49 ° 10 '46 "  N , 10 ° 2' 25"  E
Mouth height approx.  371.3  m above sea level NHN
Height difference approx. 97.7 m
Bottom slope approx. 9.4 ‰
length 10.4 km
Catchment area 27.121 km²

The Gronach is a right-hand tributary of the Jagst in the municipality of Satteldorf in the Schwäbisch Hall district in northeastern Baden-Württemberg .



The Gronach arises on the edge of the northern part of the Frankenhöhe , at the foot of the Kesselberg , on the eastern border of the soft patch from Satteldorf - Horschhausen at about 469  m above sea level. NN . Her way leads steadily to the west through an initially flat meadow valley, in which she received an artificial bed and receives several tributaries, especially from the right. At Gröningen the Gronach begins to deepen and creates a gorge-like valley in the shell limestone in the following section of the valley . It is known as the Gronach Gorge , it is completely forested and a nature reserve. Less than a kilometer before its mouth, it bends abruptly to the south, in this area it uses the downward part of an abandoned northern Jagstschlinge, the old valley floor of which is still clearly visible in the upward part at the height of the mouth angle in the terrain. After its ten-kilometer run, it empties at 371.3  m above sea level. NN in the Jagst.


  • Seeklingenbach , from the left opposite Horschhausen, 0.3 km.
  • Gersbach , from the left on the northern edge of Ellrichshausen, 1.9 km.
  • Brühlbach , from the right across from Ellrichshausen, 1.0 km.
  • Weißwasenbach , from left to the wooded Sächslesberg right, 1.8 km.
  • Volkershauserbach , from the right into the Brückleswiesen , 2.2 km.
  • Egelseebach , from the left in the Gewann Hörlessee , 2.0 km.
  • Diehlbrunnenbach , from the right with half a dozen ponds in the corner of the mouth, 2.1 km and 1.6 km².
  • (brook from the Gronachfeld ), from the right just before the next, 0.4 km.
  • Schleehardsbächle , from the right at the Bronnholzheimer Gronachbrücke, 3.9 km and 3.3 km².
  • Etzwiesengraben , from the right on the southern edge of Helmshofen, 0.9 km.
  • (Graben vom Lerchenschlag ), from the right a little before the next, 0.6 km.
  • Lerchengraben , from the right before the Crailsheim – Königshofen railway line, 1.1 km.
  • Flinsbach , from the right between the Crailsheim – Königshofen railway line and the B 290 , 3.3 km with Hambach upstream and 3.8 km².
  • Rotbach (Gronach) , from the right between the hammer mill and the south bend of the blade, 0.4 km.


With its length of over 10 kilometers and its catchment area of ​​over 27 square kilometers, the Gronach is not one of the ten largest tributaries of the Jagst. At its middle course, however, the Jagst hardly experiences any major tributaries, the Gronach is still its largest between Crailsheim and the Brettach estuary. It appears to Mattern to have "no weaker water than the Ette " despite its much smaller catchment area .


The Gronach Gorge is a very popular destination. A path leads over the Gröninger hammer mill , which is located in the upper part of the gorge, to the mouth of the stream in the Jagst. It crosses the Gronach several times on wooden bridges as well as over larger stones embedded in the river bed and is suitable for visiting children. From the mouth there are hiking trails next to the Jagst upstream towards Kernmühle and downstream to the remains of the Heinzenmühle, where a wooden footbridge crosses the Jagst. This area on the central Jagst is little touched by people, apart from the Federal Motorway 6 , which crosses the southern section of the Gronach Valley and the nearby Jagst Valley on high concrete bridges. In most of the gorge, however, this interference is not noticeable.

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  1. Interpolated according to the contour line image on the TK25.
  2. Text entry in blue on the TK25 at the muzzle, marked with a blue hollow triangle.
  3. Length according to: State Institute for the Environment Baden-Württemberg (LUBW) ( information )
  4. Sum of the sub-catchment areas according to: Landesanstalt für Umwelt Baden-Württemberg (LUBW) ( information )
  5. According to LUBW-NSG part of the nature reserve at Jagsttal between Crailsheim and Kirchberg.
  6. Mattern, p. 132.


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