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The Boxbach mine was a copper ore mine in the Wiesenbach district of the Hessian community of Breidenbach in the Marburg-Biedenkopf district . The pit was west of the Wiesenbach district on the southern slope of the Boxbach valley.


Information board for the Boxbach pit

The veins of the later Boxbach mine were discovered in 1693. From 1732 to 1775 the Boxbach mine delivered 73,781 quintals of copper ore . For the conditions at the time, the mine brought a rich yield , in addition to copper, zinc and lead .

From 1730 to 1745 the mine supplied the Breidenbacher Kupferhütte. The mine experienced its heyday in the 19th century. The 220 m deep main shaft was sunk around 1830 . The daytime facilities included nine buildings, including a tall processing tower. The ore was crushed in the Boxbachtal and freed of secondary rock in sewage sumps.

While Obersteiger and Steiger lived in a service building, the miners spread out to the surrounding villages. The preferred place of residence in Hessian was Achenbach .

Two accidents are known:

  • 1733 (Joh. Georg Siegel; Untersteiger) and
  • 1742 (Georg Werner Hen Christian Oswald Wenners; Obersteiger)

Copper production in the first half of 1918 was around 35 tons.

The mine finally ceased operations in 1919, although a new processing plant was built shortly beforehand and around 80 workers were employed.

Efforts in the 1930s to resume funding failed despite the mayor's efforts and despite the promises made by the party ( NSDAP ). The tunnels collapsed and disappeared with the heaps under trees.

An attempt to reopen was canceled in 1952/53.


Waldhotel Gille Boxbach

The municipality was the tenant of the agriculturally usable land and the slowly decaying half-timbered building. She had difficulties finding a sub-tenant and therefore negotiated in 1934/1935 with the Boxbach union , which was now in the hands of eleven shareholders with 100 Kuxen .

Richard Gille, one of ten children of Andreas Friedrich Gille from Neuenrode / Harz, who had been Steiger since 1880 and in the last few years of mining Obersteiger ( operator ) of the mine, acquired the rights to the mine in 1942 for 16,000 Reichsmarks. In 1949 he received a liquor license. From the old service building from the 18th century, the Gille family had the "Waldhotel Gille Boxbach" built into an inn with a guesthouse and trout pond, which is still in operation today (as of April 2014) and is a popular place for excursions.

The Boxbachpfad has been running past the inn since May 2005 .


  • In the beginning the miracle - 750 years of Wiesenbach. Festschrift, Breidenbach-Wiesenbach 1982.

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