Gustav Travers

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Gustav Travers (* 1839 in Höchst am Main ; † May 1, 1892 in Gersau , Switzerland) was a German diplomat .


The consulate building of the German Empire in Apia

After attending school in Wiesbaden, Travers began studying law at the University of Göttingen in 1865 , where he became a member of the Corps Hannovera . He received his doctorate as Dr. iur. He then joined the diplomatic service of the North German Confederation and worked for this as port consul in London ; from 1871 to 1877 he was port consul of the German Empire in London. In 1872 he became Vice Consul in Cairo . In 1883 Travers was active in Canton and Hong Kong . In 1885 Travers, as consul general in Sydney and at the same time special commissioner of the German Empire for Samoa , triggered a diplomatic conflict with Great Britain after he had hoisted the German imperial flag on the neutral municipal area in front of Apia with the support of the gunboat SMS Albatross . From 1885 to 1887 Travers was consul general in Sydney , Australia, and in 1888 Prime Minister in Tangier , the then diplomatic center of Morocco . On March 1, 1889, he retired for health reasons.


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