Halsberger tortoises

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Halsberger tortoises
Moorish tortoise (Testudo graeca)

Moorish tortoise ( Testudo graeca )

Superclass : Jaw mouths (Gnathostomata)
Row : Land vertebrates (Tetrapoda)
without rank: Amniotes (Amniota)
without rank: Sauropsida
Order : Turtles (Testudinata)
Subordination : Halsberger tortoises
Scientific name
Cope , 1868

The Halsberger tortoises (Cryptodira) are a suborder of the tortoises . Their common feature is the ability to retract their head in an S-shaped arc perpendicular to the armor opening.

The spinous and lateral processes on their cervical vertebrae are severely reduced. Your pelvis is not fused with the shell, but only connected with the belly shell by ligaments .

With the exception of Antarctica, the Halsberger tortoises live in all parts of the world. For Australia, only the Papuan softshell turtle ( Carettochelys insculta ) and the sea ​​turtle relatives (Chelonioidea) are described.

The Cryptodira developed during the Jura 180 million years ago and are still represented today with eleven families. Including fossil core group representatives, the subordination is narrower or broader depending on the author, in the former case the pan group is called Cryptodiramorpha or Pan-Cryptodira and the crown group is called Cryptodira and in the latter case the crown group containing the recent Cryptodira is called Polycryptodira .



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