Handicap (sport)

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The handicap is in sports and playing a calculated usually factor should level out the different power levels to allow in a heterogeneous field an exciting competition.

Handicap due to game specifications

Game rules in golf

Main articles: Handicap (golf) , course rating and slope

In golf , the game handicap is calculated from the characteristics of the golf course played on (course rating and slope) and from the handicap of each amateur player, which he receives as so-called handicap strokes. A better player on an easier course has to complete the round with correspondingly fewer strokes in order to achieve a comparable result.

Game specifications in Go

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In Go , the game rules have an effect in the form of additional stones that the weaker player may place on the board before the game begins.

Game handicaps in chess

Main article: Default game

In chess , a weaker opponent can be given a material excess weight or the advantage of the suit.

Game specifications in polo

In polo , the weaker team is given a goal lead according to the added game specifications. The sum of the handicaps of all players in a team results in the handicap of a team. The difference between the handicaps of both teams results from a formula, the game handicap or goal handicap for the weaker team.

Game specifications in billiards

In billiards , especially in the English Billiards , Snooker and 14/1 Endless divisions , the weaker players are given a point advantage over the stronger. So was z. B. at the News of the World Championship (1950-1959) all participants were given a 20-point lead per frame over the outstanding player Joe Davis ; later the practice was especially common in the amateur field.

Handicap due to weight allowance

In horse racing , car racing and air sports, there are certain competitions in which higher-rated participants have to start with additional weights.

Handicap through distance allowance

Also in horse races - only in trot, not in horse races - there are competitions in which stronger participants have to cover longer distances.

Handicap through point conversion

In gliding , handicap factors in the club and two-seater class are converted to the point rating of a flight. The handicap factor depends on the performance of the aircraft type and is specified by the German Aero Club for each aircraft type in the so-called index list .

Handicap through time correction

In regatta sailing with compensation formulas , each boat is assigned a racing value (rating) on the basis of a measurement , by means of which a calculated time that is decisive for the classification is determined from the time sailed . The best known of the compensation formulas is the very simple yardstick rating based on experience . There used to be the IOR ( International Offshore Rules ) or IMS (International Measurement System) classes, today the ORC classes are very common. Often, different boats with the same rating are grouped into one class, such as the boats in the meter classes or the ton classes (one-ton, half-ton, ...)

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