Hanover Mustangs

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Hanover MustangsFloorball club
Full name Hannover Mustangs eV
place Hanover
Founded 2017
Stadion nb
Places nb
Homepage https://www.hannovermustangs.de
league 2. Bundesliga (relay north-west)
2019/20   5th place

The Hannover Mustangs eV is a German Floorball - club based in the Lower Saxon state capital Hanover .


The club emerged from a team from the International School Hannover and was founded in 2017 and then started in the association league. At the end of the Regionalliga Nordwest season 2018/19 , the team placed first in the table with 42 points and thus far behind. After that, the club registered for the promotion relegation. However, since no other club reported as an opponent in the north / west region, the team was allowed to advance directly without prior qualification.

For the 2019/20 season , the club entered the 2nd Bundesliga for the first time , and at the end of the season finished fifth in the North-West relay with 12 points. In this season's cup , the Hanoverians beat FBC Potsdam 18-2 in the first round of Group North . Another victory then succeeded in the 2nd round with a 2:24 against the second team of the Baltic Storms . Only in the third round was it over against ETV Piranhas Hamburg after a 2:15 defeat. Also in the 2019/20 season , the second Mustangs team joined the regional league.

At the small field championship in 2019 , the club qualified for Group A but was eliminated with 5 points in the preliminary round.

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