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Hans Sebald Beham (* 1500 in Nuremberg ; † November 22, 1550 in Frankfurt am Main ) was an important painter and engraver .


Sebald Beham was the older brother of Barthel Beham . His first name, Hans, which is assumed to be based on the shape of his monogram , cannot be traced in contemporary sources. There are also no contemporary sources on the training of the two painters and engravers. Due to the artistic proximity to Albrecht Dürer , it is assumed in the secondary literature that the Beham brothers received their training in Dürer's workshop.

In 1524, after Thomas Müntzer stayed in Nuremberg, he, his brother Barthel and Georg Pencz , another journeyman of Dürer , sympathized with the religious and political radical wing of the Reformation . It is unclear whether they actually joined the social revolutionary movement of the Anabaptists . The three “godless painters” were arrested along with other accused, among them the schoolmaster Hans Denck (1495–1527) and brought to justice in January 1525. The council was relatively lenient and merely banned the artists from the city of Nuremberg in agreement with the clergy.

Sebald Beham returned to Nuremberg as early as 1528, was suspected of spreading pornography in 1529 and expelled again and went to Munich. In 1530 and 1531 he worked for Cardinal Albrecht von Mainz, among others . Around 1532 he moved to Frankfurt am Main, where he received full citizenship in 1540. In Frankfurt he created numerous templates for woodcuts (Bibles and chronicles) and emerged as a copperplate engraver and draftsman for woodcuts. About 270 copper engravings and 300 woodcuts by him have survived.

Works (selection)


  • T ates of Hercules , twelve copperplate engravings, approx. 50 × 80 mm, including Erlangen University Library


  • Justice, a sitting naked woman; she holds her attributes in her hands.



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