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Harry Schmidt (1963)

Harry Richard Alexander Schmidt (born March 5, 1883 in Port-au-Prince , Haiti ; † July 27, 1964 in Sankt Peter ) was a German art historian who dealt with the art and culture of Schleswig-Holstein .


Harry Schmidt was the son of the Hamburg businessman Alexander Schmidt. At the age of six he came to Friedrichstadt with his mother , where he also attended school. After attending the high school in Husum , he studied in Heidelberg (1902/03), Berlin and Kiel . In 1907 he received his doctorate in classical philology under Siegfried Sudhaus and Paul Wendland in Kiel and then worked as a teacher at grammar schools until 1924, first in Flensburg and then in Kiel. He then worked a. a. for the Baltic Historical Research Institute of Otto Scheel in Kiel and was editor of the Kiel Latest News . In 1923 he founded the Nordelbingen magazine with Walter H. Dammann . Contributions to local research in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and Lübeck . He headed the magazine until 1958. From 1940 to 1948 he worked for the State Office for the Preservation of Monuments in Schleswig-Holstein .

He was a holder of the Federal Cross of Merit, 1st class . On February 14, 1963 he received the Lornsen chain of the Schleswig-Holstein Homeland Federation , and he was also an honorary member of the Society for Schleswig-Holstein History .

Publications (selection)

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