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Hartwig Neumann (born April 29, 1942 in Brandenburg ; † January 7, 1992 in Jülich ) was a German secondary school teacher, building historian and fortress researcher .


Hartwig Neumann's self-chosen signet

Neumann fled the former GDR to the Federal Republic of Germany in 1955 and initially learned to be a chemical technician . From 1968 to 1971 he studied history , German and chemistry at the University of Education in Bonn . His state examination thesis was entitled "The Jülich Citadel - A Walk Through History" and was published in 1971 as a book. In 1973 Neumann passed the 2nd state examination and worked as a secondary school teacher at the GHS Ruraue in Jülich until his death . 1985 to 1990 Neumann studied building history at RWTH Aachen University ,Art history and German and was in 1990 with one of Albrecht man managed (Teaching and Research Building history) dissertation on the building type Armory Dr. phil. PhD.

After his state examination thesis, Neumann continued to work on fortress research. More than 20 book titles testify to his scientific commitment. The focus of his work was the citadel and the fortress town of Jülich. Neumann also published numerous books and essays on other German fortresses. His book “Festungsbaukunst und Festungsbautechnik”, first published in Koblenz in 1988, has the character of a standard work, which gives an overview of German military architecture from the early modern era to the present.

One of Hartwig Neumann's main areas of interest was the Jülich Citadel , for whose well-being he was constantly concerned. This important fortress did not enjoy a good reputation with the local city administration and was deliberately ignored.Hartwig Neumann has the credit for bringing it to the public's attention through tireless work and publications and for securing its future - although the associated actions sometimes bordered on troubled people .

The city of Jülich honored Neumann after his death and named the path that follows the moat on the west side of the citadel "Hartwig-Neumann-Weg".

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