Hear the World Foundation

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Hear the World Foundation
Legal form: Legal foundation
Purpose: Equal opportunities and increased quality of life for people with hearing loss
Chair: Arnd Kaldowski (President)
Consist: since 2006
Founder: Sonova Holding AG
Seat: train
Website: www.hear-the-world.org

The Hear the World Foundation is the non-profit company foundation of Sonova Holding AG and advocates equal opportunities and a better quality of life for people with hearing loss worldwide .


In 2006, hearing aid manufacturer Phonak, the core brand of Sonova Holding AG, founded the non-profit Hear the World Foundation. In October 2012, the foundation expanded its commitment and became an initiative of the entire Sonova Group. The foundation became a member of Swissfoundations in 2013 .

The Board of Trustees consists of members of Sonova Holding AG . The foundation's independence is to be guaranteed by the advisory board made up of audiologists . This is responsible for the evaluation of suitable projects that are proposed to the foundation advisory board for the allocation of foundation funds.

Focus and goals

In addition to a long-term awareness campaign aimed at the general public as well as experts and opinion leaders in the healthcare sector, projects that support children with hearing loss in order to enable them to develop in an age-appropriate manner are particularly supported. The support comes from financial means, the provision of hearing systems and the use of volunteers.

The foundation supports projects in the field of hearing health with the following priorities:

  • Auditory care for children in countries with low average incomes.
  • Programs for families: concrete help and support through the support of parent self-help groups.
  • Prevention and better management of hearing loss through global education on hearing and hearing loss.
  • Support for projects in which specialists are trained on site.

The cooperation partners include Sound Seekers, All Ears Cambodia, CBM Switzerland, Special Olympics , APADAS, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Children's Hospital Zurich . In addition to the project partners, the Hear the World Foundation is supported by other partners: For example, the battery manufacturer Varta Microbattery , the concert promoter abc Production, the hi-fi earplug manufacturer Vibes, etc.


In the 2015/16 financial year, the foundation supported 23 projects in 18 countries by providing hearing solutions and financial resources with a total value of over CHF 1,800,000. Most of the financing is provided by Sonova .


The Hear the World Foundation is now supported by over 90 ambassadors such as Joss Stone , Plácido Domingo , Kate Moss , Sting , Annie Lennox , Joey McIntyre and Der Graf . They were all staged by musician and photographer Bryan Adams with the hand behind the ear in the Hear the World pose for conscious hearing. Every year the foundation publishes a limited calendar with black and white portraits of the ambassadors, which is sold for the benefit of the foundation.

In 2012 the foundation was recognized by Guinness World Records for the world's largest photo awareness campaign with 53 supporters.

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