Heinrich Nietmann

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Heinrich Nietmann

Heinrich Nietmann (born July 13, 1901 in Aachen , † September 15, 1961 in Homburg ) was a German politician ( NSDAP ).

Live and act

After attending elementary school and secondary school in Saarbrücken , Nietmann was trained at the Agricultural University in Hohenheim , which he left at the end of 1924 with a degree in agriculture. From the end of 1924 he was managing director of the Palatinate Farmers' Union; In 1932 and 1933 he was its chief executive. Nietmann was married; the marriage had three children.

Before 1922 Nietmann was a member of the Deutschvölkischer Schutz- und Trutzbund , then he became a member of the DVP . On October 1, 1928, Nietmann joined the NSDAP ( membership number 100.203), of which he was agricultural district advisor from 1930 to 1932. In 1928 he was active as a troop leader in the Sturmabteilung (SA).

After the National Socialist rise to power , Nietmann worked at the Reichsanstalt für Arbeitsvermittlungs und Arbeitslosversicherung . From November 1933 to March 1, 1934, he was deputy labor office director in Kaiserslautern . On March 1, 1934, he was employed in the regional management of the German Front as deputy regional manager. From October 1934 he was entrusted with the state management of the German Front. In March 1935 he was promoted to government director. Between March 1935 and December 1940 Nietmann was Gauamtsleiter and Gauinspektor in the Gau Saarpfalz of the NSDAP. From March 1935 to 1940 he worked as a department head at the Reich Commissioner for Saarland and head of the branch of the Rhineland State Labor Office in Saarbrücken . From 1940 Nietmann was Reich trustee for work in the Westmark economic area and from March 1941 he was also president of the regional labor office there. From 1940 to 1943 he was Reich trustee for labor for the Westmark economic area and, from March 1941, he was also president of the Westmark regional labor office and, from September 1943, in the same function of the Westmark regional labor office. Towards the end of the Second World War , he was drafted into the Wehrmacht in April 1945 .

On March 1, 1935, as a result of the reintegration of the Saarland into the German Reich, Nietmann subsequently entered the Reichstag elected in November 1933 as a member of constituency 27 (Rheinpfalz-Saar). He then belonged to the National Socialist Reichstag for the constituency mentioned until the end of Nazi rule in spring 1945. In the National Socialist Motor Vehicle Corps (NSKK), Nietmann was last promoted to NSKK Oberführer in the Motor Group Westmark in November 1943.

After the liberation , Nietmann was interned for two years . He died in Homburg and was buried in Saarbrücken on September 18, 1961.


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