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Heinz Braun (born January 12, 1938 in Munich ; † February 21, 1986 ibid) was a German self-taught painter .


Heinz Braun was a postman in Germering near Munich. Since 1951, however, as an autodidact, he increasingly devoted himself to painting, initially figuratively, then more and more idiosyncratic and expressive. At that time there was also contact with the Munich artist group "Kollektiv Herzogstrasse", which resulted in a joint project with Helmut Sturm and several joint projects with Thomas Niggl. Heinz Braun painted his strongly expressive pictures even in wind and snow outside in nature, where he combined earth from the field or cow dung from the pasture with the paint. The strong connection to the landscape also shaped him outside of Bavaria during his stays in Corsica , Santorini and Romo in Denmark.

In 1974 he met the director Herbert Achternbusch and played in several of his films.

The painter Heinz Braun became known in an eleven-page article in the magazine Stern in 1982 , in which he was included under the Neue Wilden . National (Ignaz-Günther-Haus, Munich 1983, Galerie Beck, Erlangen 1984, Galerie Thomas Munich 1985 etc.) and international exhibitions, such as the one in the PON Gallery in Zurich in 1983 and the one in the Ponova Gallery in Toronto in Canada in 1983, followed Heinz Braun lived in Dachau.

After 1982 Heinz Braun cancer was diagnosed, he painted more obsessive and sets in his pictures with the disease apart, but it also drew up last live.

When Heinz Braun succumbed to his illness in 1986, the Munich City Museum and the Kunsthalle Emden dedicated solo exhibitions to Heinz Braun in 1988. In the Kunsthalle Emden, the last works created in the Munich Clinic, the “Grosshadern Cycle”, are on permanent display. Further works can be found today in the collections of the Munich City Museum , the Lenbachhaus Munich, in several company foundations and in many private collections. The city of Germering named a hall in the city hall after him.

In 2013 there was a large commemorative exhibition for his 75th birthday in the Regensburg Art and Trade Association . In 2018/19, the Fürstenfeldbruck Museum dedicated a memorial exhibition to Heinz Braun for his 80th birthday with a comprehensive retrospective. Further gallery exhibitions follow to this day. The complete works including sketches are estimated at around 750 works.

Works (selection)

Public collections

  • City Gallery in the Lenbachhaus and Kunstbau Munich
  • Museums of the city of Regensburg
  • City Gallery in the Cordonhaus Cham
  • Museums of the city of Dachau
  • City of Germering
  • City Museum Munich
  • Art gallery Emden
  • Museum of Contemporary Art - Hurrle Durbach Collection near Offenburg
  • Fürstenfeldbruck Museum

Exhibitions (selection)

  • 2018: Being one's own (Life and Work of Heinz Braun (1938–1986)), Museum Fürstenfeldbruck
  • 2016 Gallery Konrad Oberländer Augsburg
  • 2016 Gallery Klaus Lea Munich
  • 2015 Galerie van de Loo Projects Munich
  • 2013 Art and Trade Association Regensburg
  • 2009 Gallery Klaus Lea Munich
  • 2006 Germering town hall
  • 1994 Hart-Galerie Germering
  • 1989 University and Cultural Office of the City of Osnabrück
  • 1988 Munich City Museum
  • 1988 Kunsthalle Emden
  • 1987 Municipal gallery in the Cordonhaus, Cham
  • 1987 Kunstbetrieb e. V., Dachau
  • 1986 Ignaz Günther House, Munich
  • 1985 THOMAS Gallery, Munich
  • 1985 Department Store Art, Munich
  • 1984 LOFT Gallery, Munich
  • 1984 Gallery Contemporary, Straubing
  • 1984 Beck Gallery, Erlangen
  • 1983 Risse Gallery, Hochstadt-Wessling
  • 1983 Ignaz Günther House, Munich
  • 1983 Ponova Gallery, Toronto Canada
  • 1982/83 Gallery Nicoline Pon, Zurich
  • 1980 "Die Klappe" Munich
  • 1979 LOFT Gallery, Munich
  • 1978 Old School, Germering

Filmography (selection)

  • 1975: The Andechs feeling
  • 1976: The Atlantic swimmers
  • 1977: Beer fight
  • 1978: Hello Bavaria
  • 1978: The young monk
  • 1979: The Komantsche


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