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Herbert Schickedanz, 1988

Herbert Schickedanz (born September 20, 1928 in Schillen- Wilkawischken, Tilsit-Ragnit district , East Prussia ) is a German surgeon and pediatric surgeon .

Live and act

Herbert Schickedanz was born as the son of a mechanical engineer in Schillen-Wilkawischken. There he attended elementary and middle school until the evacuation in October 1944. He came to the Volkssturm at the age of 16 from the glider pilot's school in Rossitten on the Curonian Spit . The beginning of the Soviet offensive on East Prussia on January 15, 1945 led him to Gdansk via Königsberg . Further stations were Copenhagen , Flensburg , Hamburg and finally Büchen . Here he saw the surrender . His idea of ​​being able to return home turned out to be a mistake. Arrested by the Soviet military police in Stralsund , he was taken prisoner, from which he was released in August 1945 ( Rüdersdorf near Berlin ). The second attempt to return to East Prussia also failed. He then worked in agriculture for five years ( Henningen-Hestedt , Altmark ). After that, his scientifically determined phase of life began in 1950.

In 1953 he passed the Abitur in Halle (Saale). From 1953 to 1958 he studied medicine with his wife, who later became a pediatrician, at the universities of Jena and Greifswald. He refused to join the National People's Army and was therefore de-registered in Greifswald. So he returned to the University of Jena for the fall semester 1956/57, where he passed the state examination in 1958. He received his doctorate in 1961 and qualified as a professor in 1969. The surgical clinic at the University of Jena became his place of further training and work. Here he received the first chair for pediatric surgery at the University of Jena in 1977 and the directorate of the pediatric surgery clinic in 1990

In 1914 the surgical department of the Jena State Hospital received a new building with 400 beds. Initially there were two surgical pediatric wards with a total of 50 beds, which were merged into one ward in 1965 and taken over in 1968 by Herbert Schickedanz, specialist in surgery and pediatric surgery. In 1973 the station received department status within the clinic. In 1977 the chair for pediatric surgery was established and Herbert Schickedanz chair holder. The structure of the Jenenser Surgical Clinic, which was also geared towards children from the outset, had in a certain sense anticipated the later formatting of pediatric surgery. When pediatric surgery began to develop in Germany in the 1950s, a newborn with a congenital esophageal obstruction was successfully operated on for the first time at the clinic in 1957, which has since been successfully repeated many times.

Herbert Schickedanz headed the Working Group on Traumatology in Childhood for two years . On behalf of the Society for Pediatric Surgery of the GDR, he organized several symposia and so-called consultation meetings in Jena and the XII in Gera in 1986. Congress of the Society for Pediatric Surgery. He was a permanent member of the Central Examination Commission for Pediatric Surgery and, from 1990, chairman of the examination commission at the Academy for Medical Training of the State Medical Association of Thuringia. He is an honorary member of the Thuringian Society for Surgery .

At the end of the 1995 summer semester, at the age of 67, he handed over his position as director of the Clinic for Pediatric Surgery at the University of Jena and the full professorship to the newly appointed professor Felix Schier . The academic graduations completed by Herbert Schickedanz amount to 50 diploma theses, 46 dissertations and 4 habilitations.

Research areas (selection)

Fonts (selection)

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458 publications - in magazines, book chapters, edited volumes, congress reports, book reviews - 480 lectures at congresses, symposia and further education events.


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