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Herchensole is a desert between Riestedt and Annarode , near Pölsfeld in the district of Mansfeld-Südharz in Saxony-Anhalt , Germany .


Herchensole was in what is now the district of Pölsfeld in Allstedt . The village was west of the road from Annarode to Riestedt, 500 m southeast of Pölsfeld at the source of a small stream flowing in the direction of Pölsfeld. According to Erich Neuss, the corridor was at least eight hooves and merged into that of Pölsfeld.


Herchensole is said to have been a clearing settlement . The time it was created is unclear. It probably fell in desolation after the 14th century. A watchtower at the old village site, which was only abandoned in the 16th century, lasted much longer. The author Neuss reported on a well-preserved village pond and visible remains of the watchtower.

Herchensole was mentioned in a document in 1246 when Burchard, the Burgrave of Magdeburg, sold two Hufen and two farms in Herchensale for two pounds from his own property to the Kaltenborn monastery . On August 24, 1254, with the consent of his brother, also Burchard, Burchard de Monte sold two more hooves to the Kaltenborn monastery in Herchensole for eight pounds.

On January 4, 1347, Hertzensole was designated as belonging to the Sangerhausen office in an arbitration award between Archbishop Otto and Duke Magnus of Braunschweig .

Together with Herchensol , Landgrave Friedrich von Thuringia sold the Lordship of Grillenberg to a Friedrich von Morungen-Asseburg in 1430 as hereditary property.

In 1349 the Counts Burchard and Otto von Hardeck (Burgraves of Magdeburg) gave the Kaltenborn Monastery three farms and three Hufen in Herchensale along with three fields and 32 acres of wood there. In 1394 Herchinsol was assigned to the new office of Grillenberg by the Landgraves of Thuringia . In 1400 Heydekensol gave two solidi procuration fees under the spell of Kaltenborn . In 1422 the place is named twice as Heidensall and Heidensoln .

On February 17, 1472, the council of Sangerhausen hired a Hermann Zoiph as a guard on the tower at Herchensole for one year . This should secure the roads and secure the customs due to Hans von Morungen. The Hergensola tower was mentioned again in 1513.

On January 12, 1521, the relationship between the Mansfeld mountain border in Herckensöle began . On February 4, 1522 there was a negotiation with the Counts of Mansfeld for the purpose of sinking a shaft near Herckensole .

In 1547 Herchensola was named as a desert, which belonged to the direct possessions of the Sangerhausen office. In 1563 two shafts between Hergensoll and Emseloh are named. The last time there was an incident at HerrichenSole at the desert tower on April 1, 1567 , when five wagons from Annarode were thrown up by highwaymen.


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Coordinates: 51 ° 31 '25.9 "  N , 11 ° 22'20"  E