Hodder saves the world

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German title Hodder saves the world
Original title En som Hodder
Country of production Denmark
original language Danish
Publishing year 2003
length 78 minutes
Age rating FSK without age restriction
Director Henrik Ruben Genz
script Bo Mr. Hansen
production Tina Dalhoff
music Kaare Bjerkø ,
Frithjof Toksvig
camera Bo Tengberg
cut Miriam Nørgaard

The children's film Hodder saves the world is a Danish literary film adaptation from 2003 based on the book by the Danish writer Bjarne Reuter .


The boy Hodder is a loner. Not that he doesn't like his classmates. Only they cannot understand him. Hodder is always nice and friendly to everyone. Nevertheless, his classmates put the blame for everything on him.

Hodder lives alone with his father. He wants his father to find a new wife again. But he doesn't want to know anything about it. Hodder's father is a poster sticker and posts them at night. He has brought a poster and is sticking it up in Hodder's room. The poster shows a stylized figure that Hodder thinks is a fairy .

One night the fairy appears to Hodder. She calls on Hodder to save the world. The next morning, Hodder wonders where to start. Hodder cannot be put off by the fact that many laugh at him when he tells him that a fairy has appeared to him. He asks everywhere how he is supposed to solve this difficult task.

His father advises him to start an expedition. The classmates he asks only make fun of him. During his research, Hodder finds that the strongest in the class has problems at home. His parents are getting divorced. But he doesn't want to know anything about it. Therefore, he beats up anyone who brings up the subject. But Hodder has the courage to speak to him openly.

He receives another tip from a saleswoman. He should start with the small things first. So he chooses the smallest country on the globe, an inhabited island. And when he reads something about this country, it turns out that, according to an old legend, they are actually waiting for a liberator. So he sends a paper plane to the island with a message.

In his imagination, Hodder finally finds people who want to go on the expedition with him. Meanwhile, the situation in Hodder's school class has deteriorated dramatically. And the students face him in open hostility. But then the strongest in the class decides to intervene. He was impressed by how openly Hodder approached him and helped him with his problems.

Now that Hodder has been accepted by his class and he has helped a classmate, his father remains. Hodder manages to meet a neighbor for Christmas dinner. And that's how Hodder saved the world.


  • film-dienst 2/2004: Poetic children's film that blurs the boundaries between fantasy and reality and tells its serious story with unobtrusive humor. Above all, the psychologically sensitive staging and lifelike actors, big and small, are convincing.


Ale cinema! - xx. Miedzynarodowy Festiwal Filmow Mlodego Widza Poland

  • 2003 Golden Poznan Goat for Henrik Ruben Genz

Buster - København's International Børnefilmfestival Denmark

  • 2003 Buster's Grand Prix for Henrik Ruben Genz

Chicago International Children's Film Festival USA

  • 2003 Adult Jury Prize for Henrik Ruben Genz

London Film Festival England

  • 2003 Satyajit Ray Award for Henrik Ruben Genz

Mezinárodní festival filmù pro deti a mládez Zlín Czechoslovakia

  • 2003 Don Quixote Award for Henrik Ruben Genz

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