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Hogrefe Verlag GmbH & Co. KG
founding   1949
Seat   GermanyGermany Goettingen
publisher   G.-Jürgen Hogrefe
Publisher number   978-3-8017; 978-3-8409; 978-3-8444
Publishing group   Hogrefe Publishing Group
genus   Specialist publisher
Website   www.hogrefe.de
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The Hogrefe is a specialist publisher of psychology , psychotherapy and psychiatry , headquartered in Goettingen . Nursing , healthcare and medicine are added at the Bern location . The publishing house was founded in 1949 by Carl Jürgen Hogrefe and is today an internationally active family company , managed by G.-Jürgen Hogrefe in the second generation .


At the first post-war congress of the German Society for Psychology in Göttingen, the idea arose to publish a specialist journal with the task of promoting the networking of psychology in German-speaking countries. On October 1, 1949, the first issue of the magazine appeared under the name Psychologische Rundschau . The editor Gustav von Allesch delegated the design to his assistant Carl Jürgen Hogrefe . Since no other publisher wanted to take the risk of publishing this magazine, Hogrefe founded his own publishing house. Many university professors were among the contributors and supporters of the publishing idea, including Philipp Lersch , Kurt Gottschaldt , Wolfgang Metzger , Robert Heiss , Oswald Kroh , Friedrich Sander , Johannes Rudert and Hubert Rohracher .

The publication of the Psychological Rundschau was followed in 1952 by the first book Constitution and Development by Wilfried Zeller, and in 1953 the first psychological test procedure with the intelligence structure test (IST) by Rudolf Amthauer . In 1954 the test center was founded in Stuttgart, whose task was the controlled distribution of psychological test procedures to professionally qualified users. There was cooperation with the BDP in terms of test protection . Until 1955, Hogrefe still had a job at the University of Göttingen, from then on he concentrated entirely on building up the publishing house. In 1958 the first volume of the Handbuch für Psychologie was published, which was laid out in 12 volumes and was intended to give an up-to-date overview of knowledge in various sub-areas of psychology. Milestones in internationalization were the foundation of CJ Hogrefe Inc. in Toronto in 1974 and the acquisition of the Hans Huber publishing house in Bern in 1984.

Publishing group

In 2015 the Hogrefe publishing group united its subsidiaries with a new logo under the name Hogrefe.

According to its own information, the current publishing group has 375 employees at locations in 16 countries. 6000 authors, 2500 available books in 11 languages ​​and 2000 test procedures in 20 languages ​​as well as 41 available magazines and 500 training courses and qualifications per year. The focus is on “Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychiatry”, “Healthcare and Medicine” and “Nursing and Health Professions”.

The Hogrefe publishing group includes (as of 2019):

  • Hogrefe Göttingen (Germany) founded in 1949
  • Test center (Göttingen), founded in 1954
  • Test center (Bern) (German and French), founded in 1987
  • Hogrefe Consulting, founded in 2012
  • Hogrefe Austria (Vienna), founded in 2005
  • Hogrefe Verlag, Bern (formerly Verlag Hans Huber , founded in 1927, since 2015 under the current name)
  • Hogrefe Testcentrum (Prague), founded in 1999
  • Hogrefe Ltd. (Oxford), founded 2003
  • Éditions Hogrefe France (Paris), founded 2006
  • Hogrefe Uitgevers bv (Amsterdam), founded in 2007
  • Hogrefe Psykologiförlaget (Stockholm), founded in 2008
  • Hogrefe Psykologisk Forlag (Copenhagen), founded 2010
  • Hogrefe Editore srl (Florence), founded in 2012
  • Hogrefe Psykorien Kustannus Oy (Helsinki), founded in 2013
  • Editora Hogrefe CETEPP Ltda. (São Paulo), founded in 2015
  • Hogrefe USA and Canada
  • Hogrefe Russia (at the headquarters in Göttingen)
  • TEA EDITIONES (Madrid) with offices in Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Seville and Zaragoza, since January 1st. 2017
  • Editoria Hogrefe (Lisbon), (previous CEGOC Lisbon publishing division of the CEGOS Group) since January 1st. 2017

Publications and services

The publisher is the market leader for psychological specialist books and journals in German-speaking countries and has expanded its activities to several countries in Europe (and the world) since the early 2000s.

The multi-volume Handbuch der Psychologie , which was first realized in 1958 and redesigned in 1985, is of particular importance for the publishing house . The multi-volume encyclopedia of psychology , which presents the state of psychology in more detail, has been published since 1982 . The Lexicon of Psychology (the "Dorsch") provides an overview in one volume and also has online access.

The publisher publishes 32 specialist journals on psychology, six on nursing and ten on medicine. Under the name Hogrefe OpenMind, the publishing group offers a model for Open Access . The database access Hogrefe eContent offers online research (full text) for the 54 specialist journals of the publishing group. Under the name eLibrary, over 1,600 books by the publisher are also offered as eBooks.

The “Hogrefe test centers” in Germany and Switzerland sell psychological test procedures from the publishing group and other publishers to specialists. The published procedures are subject to the standards of quality assurance in psychological diagnostics , u. a. controlled distribution for test protection reasons. Research on test procedures is possible online. The Hogrefe Test System (HTS) for computer-aided psychodiagnostics is published by the publisher .

Under the name "Hogrefe Consulting", companies are offered consulting services relating to the use of test procedures in human resource management . Further training measures on diagnostic topics, in particular the correct application of some psychological test procedures , complement this area.

Together with the German Society for Psychology , the publisher maintains the "PsychJOB" job portal for job offers and requests for jobs in the field of psychology. In addition, a calendar for conferences, congresses and symposia in the field of psychology at home and abroad is offered.

Since 2011, the publisher has been organizing the Frankfurt Forum annually (organizers: Marcus Hasselhorn , Claudia Mähler, Wolfgang Schneider and Ulrich Trautwein), which is about a stronger link between science and practice in schools and lessons. The focus is on current findings from basic research, as well as diagnostic options for interventions or educational and psychological measures.


In 2019, Hogrefe Verlag was awarded the Topas seal by the Südniedersachsenstiftung and the IHK as one of ten "Top Employers".

The publisher G.-Jürgen Hogrefe is the spokesman for the IG Copyright and Publishing Law of the German Book Trade Association .

The publisher is a member of the Association of Test Publishers and a founding member of the European Test Publishers Group.

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