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Hor- ...
Ḥr- ...
Horus ...

The name of Horus is one of the five names in the ancient Egyptian royal titular. Until the 4th dynasty this was the only name of the king ( pharaoh ) in the pre- and early dynastic times . It is based on the belief that the ruler represented the distant heaven god ( falcon symbol ) Horus on earth during his lifetime ; Since the end of the Old Kingdom , the king has been associated with the Osiris myth .


Serech with the name of Wadji , Louvre

The regent's name is written in a serech , a rectangle on which a falcon is enthroned. The lower part of the rectangle is decorated with the facade of the royal palace (" palace facade "), the upper part symbolizes the courtyard or the house, and in the free area is the name of the ruler. The name "Horusname" is derived from the Horus falcon sitting on the Serech.

Since around Mentuhotep II , the meaning of this name has diminished and the regent's throne name is increasingly found in official inscriptions. The name of Horus is documented up to Antoninus Pius (138–161 AD).

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