Hrádek (Tasov)

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Torso of the residential tower

Torso of the residential tower

Alternative name (s): Tasov
Creation time : second half of the 14th century
Castle type : Niederungsburg
Conservation status: ruin
Place: Tasov
Geographical location 49 ° 17 ′ 13.8 "  N , 16 ° 6 ′ 1.5"  E Coordinates: 49 ° 17 ′ 13.8 "  N , 16 ° 6 ′ 1.5"  E
Hrádek (Czech Republic)

Hrádek , also Tasov (German Hradek ) is the ruin of a fortress in the Czech Republic . It is located 400 m east of the center of Tasov in the Okres Žďár nad Sázavou .


The ruins of the Niederungsburg are located to the left of the Polomina brook at the confluence of the Zážlebík in the Křižanovská vrchovina ( Krischanauer Uplands ).

Surrounding villages are Lhotka in the north, Holubí Zhoř and Březka in the east, Čikov in the southeast and Tasov in the west.


The fortress Hrádek was built in the second half of the 14th century east of the town of Tasov by the owners of the Tasov manor. At this time, the rule was severely fragmented due to inheritance divisions within the noble family of Tasov and Meziříč; the old mansion - the Castle Mug Mountain - was outside of Tasov on the Oslava .

The first written mention was made in 1390, when Jan Tas von Tasov assigned his share of the fortress, a farm and two fields in Zhoř to the Sezema von Tasov. At about this time, the Becherberg Castle went out. In 1415 the brothers Sezema and Smil von Tasov are mentioned as owners of shares; however, most of the former rule including the town belonged to the landlords of Velké Meziříčí . In 1437, Sezema's sister Barbara took her husband Jan von Lipultovice to the festivals with accessories and the village of Zhoř in community of property. 1445 Sigismund of Chlewsko (was Zikmund z Chlévského ) with half the parties, to half the brewery, a yard, and the half villages Jedov , Neustift and Zhoř intabuliert ; Two years later he bought the other half of the festival and its accessories from Jan von Lipultovice. The Lords of Tasov owned only a few free courts. The Vladiks of Chlewsko did not live in the fortress and left it to decay; At the latest in the first half of the 16th century it went out.

In 1568 Magdalena von Chlewsko sold the desert fortress Hrádek with two courtyards, eleven inmates in Tasov and five in Zhoř to the owner of the Budišov estate , Jan Martinkovský von Rozseč. In 1572 he sold the Budišov manor with the Tasov manor and the dubious castle , the desert fortress Hrádek and the shares of Zhoř Holuby to the owner of the Meziříčí Wenzel Berka von Dubá and Leipa manor . After that, the festival was never mentioned in a document again.


The fortress was built on a slight elevation and was probably protected by ponds to the north and west. On the map of the Franziszeische Landesaufnahme a pond site with a bridge over it is shown.

The torso of the residential tower and other small remains of walls and ditches have been preserved. The ruin is protected as a cultural monument.

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