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Ingeborg Schober, 2008

Ingeborg Schober (* 1947 in Sonthofen ; † June 9, 2010 in Munich ) was a German author, translator and music journalist. She is considered to be the first nationally known journalist to deal with pop music in a journalistic way.


Contact with German rock of the 1960s

Ingeborg Schober came into contact with German rock bands such as Popol Vuh , Tangerine Dream or Amon Düül II in the late 1960s , whose music differs from the common music-making practices of pop both through an electronic component that was new at the time and through an approach to non-North American musical styles difference. As a journalist and author, Schober gave this current known as “ Deutschrock ” or “ Krautrock ” a voice during the 1970s; it helped to establish new trends such as glam rock or new wave in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Career as a pop journalist in print and radio

From the scene, she was the first woman to report in German pop journalism for the Sounds magazine and for national magazines such as Stern , later Musikexpress and Focus . At Rowohlt Verlag she was one of the core authors of the "Rocksession" series. Her biographically colored first book “Tanz der Lemminge” was also published by this publisher.

Until 1983 Ingeborg Schober moderated Club 16 , the rock music broadcast of Bayerischer Rundfunk (Jugendfunk, Zündfunk ), then, until the 1990s, radio broadcasts such as "Rocklok" on Bayern 2 and Bayern 3. Since 1972 she has been writing regularly, mostly as a reviewer of rock concerts and record releases for the features section of the Süddeutsche Zeitung . Other book publications followed, such as her biography of Doors singer Jim Morrison . Ingeborg Schober also worked as a translator.

She died in June 2010 after a serious illness.


  • Prize of the Literary Colloquium, Berlin


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