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Ingo Ahmels (* 1959 in Hamburg ) is a German musician (pianist, composer, music producer), visual artist, sound installer as well as publicist (music researcher, documentary filmmaker, specialist translator, lyricist) and teacher.


Since 1980 Ahmels published numerous works as editor and author (books, CDs, films, catalogs). He studied music a. a. with the pianists Bernhard Wambach , Stephan Möller and Walter Norris , composition with Jens-Peter Ostendorf , Hans Otte and Manfred Schoof , musicology with Herbert Henck , Heinz Lemmermann and Klaus Hinrich Stahmer . Since the mid-1980s, Ahmels was best known as an undogmatic cultural organizer and curator.

In 1985 he initiated the Dacapo (: dacapo :) concert series in Bremen for contemporary music in the broadest sense (new music, new jazz, non-European music, pioneering works of [also non-European] classical traditions). For: dacapo: he curated over 500 events (as of 2007). He is the founder of the: dacapo: label d'c records and the audiovisual: dacapo: archives. Ahmels has worked across disciplines with around 2,000 musicians, artists and scientists from all over the world.

As a jazz musician, Ahmels received a grant from the GEMA Foundation, and as a composer and sound artist from the Stuttgart Academy Schloss Solitude . Concert tours led him, u. a. at the invitation of the Goethe Institute , through Europe and the USA. Since the mid-1990s, Ahmels was Hans Otte's artistic assistant (1926–2007). At the University of Bremen he received his doctorate with the work »Hans Otte - Klang der Klänge / Sound of Sounds (book + DVD + CD, ISBN 3-7957-0586-X ), published bilingual by Schott Musik International .

His own main musical works are: "Pegasos" (1990, multimedia opera, commissioned by Radio Bremen's festival pro musica nova ), "Pegasos-Monument" (1994, sound and video sculpture), "Bitch on Wheels" (sound sculpture / stage object) and »Gone West« (cross-media music theater, 2002/6, joint work with Lou Simard ).

Ahmels founded the ensemble dacapo , located in the Bremen Blockland , for music theater, sound installations and performances with unusual instruments, worked as a solo pianist and in various groups for contemporary music and / or jazz, including the Mike Svoboda Ensemble, Hans-Joachim Hespos / Ensemble 13 and Lou and the Louser (with Lou Simard). He runs his poetry-music duo with the poet, actor and object artist Gotthart Kuppel , which in 2016 brought out the Franz Kafka program »Once I broke my leg, it was the best experience of my life«.

Ahmels currently teaches music, art and German as a high school teacher at the Cato Bontjes van Beek high school in Achim near Bremen.

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