Irezumi - The tattooed woman

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German title Irezumi - The tattooed woman
Original title 雪華 葬 刺 し
Sekka Tomurai Zashi
Country of production Japan
original language Japanese
Publishing year 1981
length 102 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Yōichi Takabayashi
script Chiho Katsura
production Pages Shimoishizaka
music Masaru Satō
camera Hideo Fujii
cut Yōichi Takabayashi

Irezumi - The tattooed woman ( Japanese 雪華 葬 刺 し , Sekka Tomurai Zashi , English title: Irezumi: Spirit Of Tattoo ) is a film by the Japanese director Yōichi Takabayashi from 1981 , which is based on a novel by Baku Akae . The erotic - Drama was in Germany so far only in the original version with German subtitles ( subtitles shown).


The young and very light-skinned woman Akane wants to fulfill his heart's desire for her fetish- loving partner Fujeda and have a large Irezumi tattoo (a water spirit fighting a dragon ) on her back and buttocks. That's why she went to Kyoto on his behalf , to an absolute master of this ancient art. However, over the years he has developed his own, very special technology for it and only agrees if Akane gets involved. In his opinion, the body and thus also the skin of his female “art object” only relaxes to his absolute satisfaction when she is penetrated by a man while he is working and remains completely calm in the so-called Amazon riding position . Akane is hugged firmly and at the same time tenderly by tattoo master Kyogoro's young apprentice Harutsune, while the old man is devotedly occupied with his art. He wants to create his last masterpiece of this kind and already feels that he is close to death. However, under the constant torture with the needles, not only Akane's skin changes more and more - the young woman soon begins to enjoy the pain and her burgeoning lust and from then on also changes mentally, sometimes even lays total submission to her lover Fujeda off.

However, woven into this three-part story is also a family drama that concerns the master and his pupil. Many years ago the old man had beautified his own wife Haruna under similar circumstances, raped her and made her pregnant in the process, whereupon she left him forever hurt. Apprentice Harutsune now turns out to be his own son who, after discovering the true circumstances, wants to avenge the shame of the mother suffered at the time.

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