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Jürgen W. Schmidt (* 1958 ) is a German officer and historian .

Schmidt's family originally came from Silesia ; she was expelled in 1947 . He served as an officer in the National People's Army and the Bundeswehr . After the end of his service, he began to study history, psychology and intercultural educational science at the FernUniversität in Hagen in 1993 . He wrote his master's thesis in 1997 on the Russian military intelligence service during the Russo-Japanese War (1904/05). In 2004 he started working for Peter Brandt in the cultural and social sciences department with the dissertation “The Minister of War considers it urgently desirable in the interests of military intelligence…”, which was largely received positively in the professional world . The military intelligence service of the Great General Staff and its cooperation with the Prussian administrative authorities in the intelligence service and counter-espionage, primarily illustrated using the example of the administrative district of Bromberg in the years 1890–1914 for Dr. phil. PhD. The results were presented at a meeting of the Working Group on the History of Prussia .

His focus is on Prussian history and the history of the secret services. Schmidt is the editor of numerous books, author of articles ( Jahrbuch Preußenland and others) and a reviewer ( Baltic studies , military history journal , yearbooks for the history of Eastern Europe , research on Brandenburg and Prussian history, etc.).

In 2013 he gave a lecture at a conference of the Department “Knowledge - Culture - Transformation” and the Historical Institute of the University of Rostock on “The procurement of officially necessary information by secret service channels by German consuls and diplomats in China (1896–1917)”. He is u. a. Member of the discussion group for the intelligence services in Germany .

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