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The Yearbook Preußenland is a specialist journal for the history of Prussia .

History and task

Years 1 (1963) to 47 (2009) were named Prussia - Communications of the Historical Commission for East and West Prussian State Research . In 2010 the magazine was merged with the articles on the history of West Prussia from the Copernicus Association for the History and Regional Studies of West Prussia . The yearbook publishes historical and regional studies on Old Prussia from prehistory and early history to the present. It brings book reviews and acts as a newsletter of the Secret State Archives of Prussian Cultural Heritage , which sponsors the publication annually with a considerable amount.

The current editors are Dieter Heckmann (Secret State Archive), Klaus Neitmann (Brandenburg State Main Archive), Astrid Kaim-Bartels , Sven Tode and Reinhard Hanke .

Authors (journal and yearbook)

"From Saarlouis to Gumbinnen " - Prussia's largest expansion in the German Empire (1871)

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