James Harris, 1st Earl of Malmesbury

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James Harris 1st Earl of Malmesbury

James Howard Harris, 1st Earl of Malmesbury , GCB (born April 21, 1746 in Salisbury , † November 20, 1820 ) was a British diplomat .

Harris studied after the College Winchester had visited the Merton College of Oxford University and at the University of Leiden . He became Legation Secretary in Madrid in 1767 , where his great abilities were already recognized.

In 1772 he became envoy in Berlin , in 1776 went to Saint Petersburg as an authorized minister , and in 1782 to The Hague . There he met the Prussian diplomat Friedrich Wilhelm von Thulemeier several times during the uncertain situation of the Republic of the Seven United Provinces . In recognition of his services, Harris was promoted to peer baron Malmesbury , of Malmesbury in the County of Wiltshire in 1788 . Five years later Harris went back to Germany, where in 1795 he brokered the marriage of the British heir to the throne, the Prince of Wales , with Princess Caroline of Braunschweig . He also acted as the prince's deputy at the wedding ceremony and then accompanied the princess to Great Britain.

In 1796 and 1797 he negotiated unsuccessfully with the French directory in Paris and Lille , but then had to retire due to deafness . In 1800 Harris was made Earl of Malmesbury .


edited by his grandson, James Howard Harris, 3rd Earl of Malmesbury

  • Diaries and correspondence of James Harris, first Earl of Malmesbury. London 1844, 4 volumes
  • Letters of the first Earl of Malmesbury, 1746-1820. London 1870, 2 volumes
  • James Harris, first Earl of Malmesbury, diaries and correspondence during his stay as envoy to the courts of Madrid, Frederick the Great, Catherine II and the Hague, as well as his special missions to Berlin, Braunschweig and the French Republic. Published by his grandson. Translated into German by A. Kretzschmar; 1st volume; Printed and published by the publishing company Grimma, 1848.

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