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Jaroslav Franz von Assisi Klemens Alois Gabriel Eleonnora Josef Anton Johann Bosco Joachim Felix Maria Lobkowicz (born August 16, 1942 in Pilsen ) is a Czech politician, entrepreneur and head of the Lobkowicz family .


Lobkowicz is the eldest son of Jaroslav Lobkowicz (1910–1985) and Gabriela Countess von Korff called Schmising - Kerssenbrock . The Catholic bishop of Ostrava-Opava František Lobkowicz is one of his four siblings . He grew up in the socialist Czechoslovakia and graduated in 1958 in Pilsen. He was denied a degree, so he trained as a television fitter and had to do two years of military service.

During the Prague Spring 1968, Lobkowicz emigrated to Munich, where he studied electrical engineering at the Technical University . In 1972 he finished his studies as a graduate engineer and found a job at Siemens .

After the Velvet Revolution , the partially dilapidated family property was returned to him. At first he only commuted to farming before moving to the Czech Republic with his family in 1993. He is the administrator of the extensive family property in Pilsen- Křimice. He is a farmer (grain cultivation) and works in the food industry.

From 1990 he was a member of the Christian Democratic party KDU-ČSL . In the local elections in 1994 Lobkowicz was elected to the Parliament and the City Council of Pilsen, where he became President of the Commission for Town Twinning. In 1998 he was again elected to the city parliament. For the Christian Democratic Party, he was a member of the Czech House of Representatives and the Plzeňský kraj regional assembly from 1998 to 2002 .

In 1996 and 2006 he ran unsuccessfully as senator for the constituency of Domažlice , receiving 14% (1996) and 11% (2006) of the vote.

In 2009 he became a member of the newly founded TOP 09 party , for which he entered the House of Representatives in the 2010 parliamentary elections.

Lobkowicz is President of the Alliance française in the Czech Republic.


Křimice Castle in Pilsen

Lobkowicz is married to Elisabeth de Vienne, who comes from France, and has three children:

  • Vladimír Lobkowicz (* 1972), managing director in the family company
  • Jaroslav Lobkowicz (* 1974), religious, studies in Rome
  • Philippe Lobkowicz (* 1981), studied in Paris

As head of the family, he bears the title of Prince von Lobkowitz, Duke of Raudnitz under nobility law . In Belgium, the Lobkowicz family with the salutation "Altesse Sérénissime" ( Your Highness ) is recognized as a princely and ducal noble family by royal Belgian decree of August 31, 1957 and diploma of February 12, 1958 .

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