František Lobkowicz

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František Lobkowicz

František Václav Lobkowicz OPraem (born January 5, 1948 in Pilsen ) is Bishop of Ostrava-Troppau .


František Lobkowicz comes from the well-known Czech noble family of Lobkowicz . His parents were Prince Jaroslaw von Lobkowicz (1910–1985) and Gabrielle nee. Countess von Korff called Schmising - Kerssenbrock (1917–2008). The oldest of his four siblings is Jaroslav Lobkowicz (* 1942), head of the Lobkowicz family.

After graduating from high school, František first studied at the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University in Prague . From 1967 he studied Catholic theology at the Seminary in Leitmeritz and at the Leopold Franzens University in Innsbruck . In 1968 he joined the Premonstratensian Order . He was ordained a priest in Prague in 1972, after which he was chaplain in the Silesian cities of Český Těšín , Frydek and Jablunkov until 1984 . From 1984 to 1990 Lobkowicz was pastor in Ostrava .

On March 17, 1990, he was appointed Titular Bishop of Catabum Castra and Auxiliary Bishop of Prague by Pope John Paul II . He received the episcopal ordination by the Archbishop of Prague, Cardinal František Tomášek in community with the Prague Auxiliary Bishops Jan Lebeda and Antonín Liška on April 7, 1990 in St. Vitus Cathedral , the Prague Cathedral.

In the Czech Bishops' Conference , he is a member of the Department for Catholic Education, responsible for the local schools. He is the President of the Department of Economics and Law and has been Vice President of the Bishops' Conference since 2005. He is the spiritual guide of the Czech scouts.

In 1996 he became the first bishop of the newly founded diocese of Ostrava-Troppau.

Episcopal coat of arms

As auxiliary bishop , František Lobkowicz had a coat of arms, which was based on the extended family coat of arms of the House of Lobkowicz from 1479. That one was quartered: Fields 1 and 4 are silver under the red shield head without a picture (family coat of arms), fields 2 and 3 show a gold-armored black eagle lying obliquely to the left, whose chest is covered with a gold bar. The bishop's coat of arms shows in silver under a red shield head the gold-armored black eagle lying obliquely to the left, whose chest is covered with a gold bar. Above the coat of arms the green galero with 6 fiochi (tassels) each, below the ribbon with the motto.

As a diocesan bishop , František Lobkowicz wields a four-sided shield: fields 1 and 4 with the diocese coat of arms of Ostrau-Troppau; Field 2 the family coat of arms Lobkowicz; Field 3 of the Lobkowicz family coat of arms from 1479, lying obliquely left-hand gold-armored black eagle, the chest of which is covered with a gold bar.

František Lobkowicz's motto “Pro vita mundi” (“For the life of the world”) comes from the Gospel of John ( John 6.51  EU ).

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