Jean Tardieu

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Jean Tardieu

Jean Tardieu (born November 1, 1903 in Saint-Germain-de-Joux , Département Ain , † January 27, 1995 in Créteil , Département Val-de-Marne ) was a French poet , playwright and radio pioneer .


The French author wrote surrealistic -absurde poetry and the theater of the absurd committed one act play called "chamber pieces" ( Théatre de chambre , 1955). The main themes of these pieces are language clichés as well as theater and general social conventions.

As a co-founder of the cultural program in French post-war radio - in particular the Club d'Essai (1946) and the Atelier de Création Radiophonique (1969) - Tardieu assumed a similar mediating position between artists or intellectuals and the electronic mass media as his German colleague Alfred Andersch . Another focus was the area of ​​classical and modern music. Tardieu acted from 1954 to 1969 as head of the FM program "France IV Haute Fidelité" (later France Musique - Radio France ).

Works (selection)

  • Monsieur Monsieur , 1951
  • Théâtre de Chambre , 1955
  • Poèmes à jouer , 1960
  • Art Association Apollo or How to Talk About Art
  • Different peoples - different customs
  • One word for the other
  • The desk
  • Who's there?
  • Faust and Yorick , 1966
  • You alone know
  • Les amants du métro (The lovers in the subway)
  • One custom for the other (play)
  • My imaginary museum , Suhrkamp, ​​1965

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