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Joe Spinel ; actually Joseph J. Spagnuolo (born October 28, 1936 in New York City , New York , † January 13, 1989 ibid) was an American actor and illustrator.


The Italian-born Joe Spinell, who grew up in New York's East Side, played in the theater as a teenager and later in the 1960s in the television series Naked City, NY Confidential and with Burt Reynolds in Hawk .

In the early 1970s he got his first film roles and from then on only played in films. His first roles included the killer Willie Cicci in the first two parts of The Godfather , directed by Francis Ford Coppola . He preferred to play dark roles, such as the mafioso or the killer in some horror films .

In 1980 he was involved as a leading actor and screenwriter in the horror film Maniac . Except for the 1986 short film Maniac 2: Mr. Robbie , this was Spinell's only work as a screenwriter. In 2012, based on the film, the remake Alexandre Ajas Maniac was made .

Drawing was also one of Spinell's interests . Some of his paintings have been exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art .

Filmography (selection)

  • 1987: Jack the Ripper (The Pick-up Artist)
  • 1988: The Mafiosi Bride (Married to the Mob)
  • 1988: The Undertaker

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