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Johann Jakob Bethmann (since 1776: von Bethmann ) (born June 20, 1717 in Bergnassau ; † September 2, 1792 in Bordeaux ) was a German merchant and shipowner .


Johann Jakob Bethmann was one of the sons of the bailiff Simon Moritz Bethmann (1687–1725), who were raised by their maternal uncle Johann Adami in Frankfurt am Main after the early death of their father . While the other two brothers, Johann Philipp and Simon Moritz, founded the Bethmann Brothers banking house from their uncle's inheritance in 1748 , Johann Jakob went to Bordeaux in 1740 , where he founded Bethmann & Imbert (since 1779 Bethmann & fils ) as a trading house and shipping company in 1741 .

In 1745 Bethmann married the Protestant Elisabeth Desclaux (1725–1785) from Bordelais . In 1749 he became a Swiss citizen and in 1758 a citizen of Frankfurt am Main. In 1768 he became the imperial consul appointed in Bordeaux, in the 1776 Empire knighthood raised.

He had his daughter Katharina Elisabeth (1753–1813) raised in Frankfurt by his childless brother Simon Moritz . There she married the businessman Peter Heinrich Metzler (1744-1800) in 1769 , who from then on called himself Bethmann-Metzler (later from Bethmann-Metzler or de Bethmann-Metzler ), but remained as a partner in the bank in Frankfurt.

Only after Bethmann's death did his Frankfurt grandchildren return to Bordeaux. The family still exists there today.

Johann Jakob Bethmann was a friend of the writer Friedrich Melchior Grimm .


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