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Johannes ("Josi") Vennekamp (born March 12, 1935 in Istanbul ) is a German graphic artist and painter and sculptor .


Johannes Vennekamp is a self-taught painter . In 1963, under the patronage of Günter Bruno Fuchs , he founded the Rixdorfer Drucke workshop in Berlin with Uwe Bremer , Albert Schindehütte and Arno Waldschmidt . At that time he lived in both Berlin and Recklinghausen . In 1974 Johannes Vennekamp moved the Rixdorfer Drucke workshop to Gümse . In 1980 he created paper for the first time, which he has processed into paper sculptures since 1990. In 1989 the Rixdorfer Drucke artists dedicated an exhibition to football at the Elmshorner Torhaus art association under the title “Zum Ballspiel”. In 2001 Johannes Vennekamp exhibited in a solo exhibition on the subject of “Auto” at the Kunstverein Elmshorner Torhaus.

He painted numerous portraits of musicians and made etchings that are printed on music paper. Since 1994 he has been increasingly doing colored wood prints again . Letters are a very popular design element in his works. Today Johannes Vennekamp lives in Berlin and near Gümse on the Elbe .

Works (selection)

  • The sparrow and other birds . Twenty-seven picture sheets and a poem by Günter Bruno Fuchs. Stierstadt, Eremiten-Presse 1964.
  • Aero mastic . 8 (7 signed) numbered color etchings. Land sentence 1978.
  • The Newton of the Little Bodies or The Thing Under the Hat. A reading book of the XIX. Century. With 11 sign. Orig. Color etchings, 20 color plates and some text images. Hamburg, Merlin 1979.
  • The second ten. Author portraits. 10 two-tone original etchings by Johannes Vennekamp, Verlag Faber & Faber , 2005.

Book illustrations (selection)

Exhibitions (selection)

  • 2015 Art Association Elmshorner Torhaus
  • 2012 "Kreuz-Burger" internationally known Berlin hand presses, foyer of the Wiesbaden town hall
  • 2008 Literaturhaus Stuttgart, mating - Johannes Vennekamp - dedicatory poems
  • 2002 Kunstverein der Stadt Gatow near Lüneburg, bibliophile catalog raisonné by Johannes Vennekamp
  • 1999 Art Association of the City of Gatow
  • 1982 Kunstverein Darmstadt



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