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Albert Schindehütte , called Ali , (born June 27, 1939 in Kassel ) is a German graphic artist and draftsman . He is known for his woodcuts .


Albert Schindehütte was born in Kassel and grew up in Breitenbach in the municipality of Schauenburg . Albert Schindehütte's parents ran a restaurant and a butcher's shop in Breitenbach. Albert Schindehütte left middle school to begin an apprenticeship as a window dresser in Kassel, which he broke off prematurely. He then tried to hire a seaman in Hamburg, but decided otherwise and began studying graphics in Kassel. From 1956 to 1959 he studied commercial graphics at the Werkkunstschule Kassel . In 1959, Karl Oskar Blase curated Albert Schindehuette's first exhibition in his Galerie Archiv in Kassel. In 1961 he founded the artist group situations 60 together with Christian Chruxin , Dieter Lübeck , Arno Waldschmidt and Fridjof Werner . The group opened a gallery, but it was closed again after a day.

Move to Berlin

In 1961 Albert Schindehütte moved to Berlin , thereby avoiding general conscription. He managed to get by with odd jobs in Berlin-Kreuzberg. He designed book covers, or every now and then an illustration for the Tagesspiegel .

Foundation of the Rixdorfer Drucke workshop

In 1963 he founded the Rixdorfer Drucke workshop with Uwe Bremer , Johannes Vennekamp and Arno Waldschmidt in Berlin under the patronage of the poet Günter Bruno Fuchs . Albert Schindehütte said ironically about the artists' union: It was love at first sip .

The Rixdorfer Drucke workshop then moved from Berlin to Gümse in Wendland in 1974 .

Move to Hamburg

However, Schindehütte did not move with them, but moved to the Övelgönne in Hamburg in the early 1970s and lived in the same house with Peter Rühmkorf . There Albert Schindehütte married the Hamburg graphic artist Katinka Niederstrasser , with whom he brought out the love couple “Paarodien” and has lived with the journalist Bigs Möller since the mid-1970s. In 1980, Albert Schindehütte illustrated Peter Rühmkorf's volume of poems "Goodbye in Kenilworth: a fairy tale in thirteen chapters" with drawings.

Rediscovery of home

In 1997 he and Christian Abendroth founded the Schauenburger fairytale watch in the former fire station in Breitenbach . The Märchenwache is dedicated to the children's and house fairy tale storytellers of the Brothers Grimm , the farewell Dragoon Sergeant Johann Friedrich Krause , to whom Albert Schindehütte is distantly related, and the Hanau demoiselle Marie Hassenpflug, who married a von Dalwigk in the nearby Hoof . On April 29, 2009 Albert Schindehütte received the Hessian Order of Merit. Albert Schindehütte designs a woodcut for every 1st Bundesliga promotion of FC St. Pauli . In 2010 he personally presented a print to Uli Hoeneß . The book Marie Hassenpflug. A storyteller by the Brothers Grimm appeared in 2013 with six colored drawings by Albert Schindehütte. In 2014 Albert Schindehütte illustrated the book Ludwig Emil Grimm - Memoirs of the Painter Brother's Life, edited by Heiner Boehncke and Hans Sarkowicz . Albert Schindehütte has a long-standing friendship with the photographer Michael Zapf , who documented numerous of his works.

Today he lives and works in the Hamburg district of Övelgönne on the banks of the Elbe and in Breitenbach.


His oeuvre includes drawings , etchings , woodcuts and lithographs . Schindehütte has illustrated numerous books and turned to literary and art-historical themes, romantic as well as political or grotesque humor. He also designs labels for a Schauenburg sparkling apple winery and works as a decorator.


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Works in museums

  • GrimmWelt, Kassel
  • Brothers Grimm Museum, Kassel
  • New gallery, Kassel
  • Art collection of the Veste Coburg, Coburg
  • Plansecur art collection, Bad Wilhelmshöhe
  • Johann Friedrich Krause School, Breitenbach
  • Hessische Landesbank, Frankfurt a. M.
  • Albert Schweitzer School, Hofgeismar
  • Wilhelm Fichner School, Wolfhagen
  • Grischäfer restaurant, Bad Emstal-Sand
  • Grischäfer cascade economy, Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe
  • Goldener Stern restaurant, Schauenburg-Breitenbach
  • Parkhotel Emstaler Höhe, Bad Emstal-Sand
  • Joachim Döhne winery and distillery, Schauenburg-Breitenbach


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