Jukagiren Plateau

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Jukagiren Plateau
Highest peak Tschubukulach (Чубукулах) ( 1128  m )
location Sakha Republic (Yakutia) , Magadan Oblast ( Russia )
part of East Siberian mountain country
Jukagiren Plateau (Sakha Republic)
Jukagiren Plateau
Coordinates 66 ° 25 '  N , 154 ° 1'  E Coordinates: 66 ° 25 '  N , 154 ° 1'  E

The Jukagiren Plateau ( Russian Юкагирское плоскогорье, Jukagirskoje ploskogorje ) is a plateau up to 1128  m high in the East Siberian mountainous region in the northeast of Siberia and Russia ( Asia ). It is named after the Paleo-Siberian people of the Jukagirs .


Located to the north and south of the Arctic Circle , in the extreme east of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) and in the northwest of Magadan Oblast , the Jukagiren Plateau borders in the north on the Kolyma Lowland (eastern part of the East Siberian Lowland ), through which the middle and lower reaches of the Kolyma flow . In the east and southeast, it goes into the Kolyma , in the west of the valley of the Kolyma in the Momagebirge over. It separates the catchment areas of the upper reaches of the Kolyma, which flows into the Arctic Ocean, and its right tributary, the Omolon .

The vast, low mountainous Jukagiren plateau reaches mostly 300 to 700  m at the watersheds . Some massifs rise up to over 1,000 m: the highest mountain is the Tschubukulach (Чубукулах) with 1128  m .


The northern part of the Jukagiren Plateau is formed by Mesozoic effusive rocks , the southern part by deposits of the Precambrian and Paleozoic as well as the Triassic .


Light larch forests up to heights of 400 to 600 m, above that crooked wood from Siberian stone pines and tundra .


The Jukagiren Plateau is one of the settlement areas of the small Paleo-Siberian people of the Jukagirs , which gave the plateau its name.

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