Koryak Mountains

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Koryak Mountains
Highest peak Ledjanaja ( 2562  m )
location Kamchatka , Chukotka Autonomous Okrug ( Russia )
part of East Siberian mountain country
Koryak Mountains (Kamchatka Region)
Koryak Mountains
Coordinates 63 °  N , 172 °  E Coordinates: 63 °  N , 172 °  E

The Koryak Mountains ( Russian Корякское нагорье ) are located in the Far East Federal District in the far east of Russia ( Asia ).

There it borders as part of the East Siberian Mountains in the north on the Anadyr Lowland and in the northeast on the Anadyr Plateau . To the east it slopes down to the Bering Sea , which is the northernmost part of the Pacific and separates Asia from America . The Sredinnyj ridge of Kamchatka connects to the south . In the west it gradually goes over some highland areas into the Kolyma Mountains .

There the barely inhabited and around 750 km long high mountains in the Ledjanaja ( ) rise up to 2,562 m. The rivers Velikaya and Talovka have their source in the Koryak Mountains .


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