Talowka (Sea of ​​Okhotsk)

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Kujul, Куюл
Water code RU19080000112120000040683
location Kamchatka Region ( Russia )
River system Talowka
Headwaters Wetweigebirge (part of the Korjakengebirge )
60 ° 59 ′ 6 ″  N , 164 ° 44 ′ 51 ″  E
Source height approx.  600  m
muzzle Penschinabusen ( Sea of ​​Okhotsk ) coordinates: 62 ° 24 ′ 45 "  N , 165 ° 6 ′ 25"  E 62 ° 24 ′ 45 "  N , 165 ° 6 ′ 25"  E
Mouth height m
Height difference approx. 600 m
Bottom slope approx. 1.3 ‰
length 458 km
Catchment area 24,100 km²
Discharge at the gauge near the mouth of the A Eo : 24,100 km²
240 m³ / s
10 l / (s km²)
Left tributaries Ainyn
Right tributaries Unneiwajam , Imlan , Enychawajam

The Talowka ( Russian Таловка , in the upper and middle reaches Kujul , Куюл ) is a 458 km long tributary of the Penschinabusen on the Sea of ​​Okhotsk in Russia .


The Talowka rises under the name Kujul in the western foothills of the Wetweigebirge (Wetweiski chrebet), which in turn represents the southwestern part of the Korjakengebirge , in the extreme northwest of the Kamchatka peninsula . It soon turns in a north-easterly direction and meanders for about 300 kilometers through the wide, swampy and lake-rich Parapolski dol lowland , which separates the Wetweigebirge in the south-east from the Penschinagebirge ( Penschinski chrebet, on this section also called Talowkaberge, Talowskije gory ) in the northwest. After about 50 km, it flows through the 43.8 km² large Talovskoye Lake . From the lake, or from the confluence of the largest tributary Enyschawajam from the right (northeast), 151 km above its mouth, the river Talowka is called. At the confluence of the Enyschawajam, the Talowka turns abruptly to the west-northwest, breaks in a relatively narrow valley in wide arcs at a height of about 30  m through the Penschina Mountains, which are over 800 m high in this area, and then flows in a northerly direction to its mouth the Penschinabusen. The mouth of the funnel , which is over 2 km wide , connects directly to the south with the almost 5 km wide mouth of the Penschina . The lower course of the river is under strong tidal influence : the tidal range there averages 9 meters.


The catchment area of the river covers 24,100 km². The mean discharge is 240 m³ / s. The most important tributaries are Unneiwajam (length 161 km), Imlan (129 km) and Enychawajam (311 km) from the right and the Ainyn (92 km) from the left .

The river usually freezes over from late October / early November to May. The Talowka flows through an extremely sparsely populated area in the Penschinski district of the Kamchatka region without any localities directly on the river or infrastructure. Not far from the estuary, on the northern bank of the Penschina, is the closest village to the village of Manily . The village of Talowka is located on the left bank of the Enytschawajam a good 40 km northeast of its confluence with the Talowka.

Fish fauna

The Talowka is a spawning water for salmon fish . In the river system there are u. a. the following species of fish: pike , Hipomesus olidus , Arctic Norway ( Osmerus mordax dentex ), Coregonus anaulorum , Great Siberian whitefish ( Coregonus nasus ), Coregonus sardinella , Coregonus subautumnalis , Prosopium cylindraceum , Thymallus mertensii , pink salmon , chum salmon , coho salmon , Dolly Varden trout ( Salvelinus malma ), Salvelinus leucomaenis , Salvelinus levanidovi and burbot .

natural reserve

Part of the Parapolski dol valley and the adjacent mountains, including the course of the Kujul river from its source to around 50 km below Lake Talovskoye, has been under nature protection since 1995 as part of the Korjak Nature Reserve (Korjakski sapowednik ), a forest tundra area typical of the region . The entire lowland with the upper and middle reaches of the Talowka (Kujul) and the lower reaches of the Enytschawajam is designated as an important passage area for waterfowl according to the Ramsar Convention .

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